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3 Best Marketing Tips For Small Medical Practices

Paisley Hansen Nov 16, 2019
Attracting and retaining clients is a challenge across every industry, and the medical field is no different. You might not have a marketing background, but you can find someone who does. Here are three strategies that you can include in your marketing armory to push your practice to the next level.

Content Marketing

Becoming recognized as a spokesperson in your field will get you noticed and push you up the search results; you can use content marketing to leverage this. Producing useful and compelling articles, infographics, and social media posts will have your name associated with being knowledgeable – especially if your advice is given freely.
Your content can link to your website. However, if someone is engaging it, it needs to be authentic. Being responsible for content shows that you know what you’re talking about and will put you in good stead in search engine ranking, putting you in prime position when one searches for healthcare. Also remember, you’re marketing for physicians too.

Email Marketing

Emails are a personal way of engaging with your existing patients and keeping them known of new initiatives, products, and services. They’re an excellent platform from which to communicate referral incentives, promote social media platforms, and introduce your team to your clients.
The more you engage with your patients and put yourself in front of them, the more they get to know you and are to invest in you and your practice. Email marketing also enables you to communicate regularly and you can use that to your advantage by including something your patients will be keen to look out for, such as a competition prize or regular offer.

Search Engine Optimization

If you’re not familiar with SEO, you’re not alone. It’s a specialist marketing discipline; understanding its basics will help you speak articulately with a marketing specialist about what you want to achieve. SEO pulls in traffic to a website by ensuring the web content is highly relevant to the search a visitor puts into a search engine.
Who determines how relevant the content is? The search engine itself. It’s a complex channel, based on understanding algorithms and best practice – and the search engines change the criteria for a “relevant” website all the time, so you have to deliver what it asks for. The reason it’s important is that it doesn’t cost you a single dollar.
It will cost you the time it takes someone to optimize your content initially, and you might even want someone to monitor it continually. However, if you get the optimization right, no budget can get a lesser-optimized site to appear above you in SEO rankings – it’s priceless.

Take the Necessary Steps

Your medical practice is your livelihood. Reach more potential patients and get better known in your field by implementing these marketing efforts – and there are plenty more available to you. Start promoting your practice today, and watch your patient list grow.