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5 Effective Snapchat Strategies to Promote Your Event

Chris Freeman Sep 16, 2019
If you want to advertise your upcoming event to the young audience, you must head on to Snapchat and utilize it's full power. Here are some strategies to promote your events.

1. Design a Unique Geofilter

Geofilter is an exclusive feature which lets you promote your event locally. Users can only access the filter if they are in a specific place at a particular time and that could be your event!

2. Use 'Our Story' to Bring Audiences Together

Our Story feature lets user to share photos and videos to the same timeline. Before starting your event let attendees know that you're going to activate this feature and persuade them to participate and submit their short videos once the event is in progress. This is particularly effective for social events when mass people gather to have fun.

3. Make an Advertisement with Snap Publisher

You can re-purpose existing photos and videos for Snapchat Ads, automatically converting portrait media into the landscape by Snap Publisher platform. Use this powerful tool to diversity your visual content effort.

4. Allow ‘Snap Famous’ Influencers to do a 'Snapchat Takeover'

Allowing Snapchat influencers can assist you to connect with your target attendees entertainingly and creatively which will surely boost the awareness of your event. Don't worry, they're the pros, they know what to say and how to say it.

5. Turn Your Story into a Memory

Saving your Snapchat Story to your camera roll determines that you may re-post them to your account later down the line. You can also populate it on your social channels and promote your Snapchat account to get a large number of following to increase the popularity of other events in the future.

Go Beyond Snapchat

If you’re interested in more such strategies then check this detail guide on how to promote your event on social media. This is a comprehensive social media promotional tips that will surely help you to make your next event more successful.