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5 Packaging Design Trends Which Will Dominate 2019

Anna Scott Aug 7, 2019
Packaging is one of the most common factors overlooked by businesses usually since they do not want to invest in it. What they don’t know is that packaging has the power to gain the attention of their customers and always be in their memory. It is one of the strongest marketing tools that does not get its due importance.

Sustainable Packaging – Plastic Free

A lot of companies are now becoming aware what hazards plastic imposes to the environment. They are now using eco-friendly and probably biodegradable packaging that does not cause any harm to the environment. Not only that, such packaging is also laced with seeds which you can use to grow trees.

Minimalistic Approach

When it comes to designing packaging or choosing Corrugated Packaging & Sheets, minimalism is one of the latest trends. Less is more – if you choose the right words or tone, you do not have to work hard on the design.
Such designs depict honesty in their brand. It is good to see a stress free and neat design, which is why such designs can stand out.

Neutral Tones Over Harsh Colors

Just like Roshpack has created some neutral packaging boxes, it can be seen that such tones are being preferred more now. Such colours and palettes give a softer touch to the products which are liked a lot.
Just recently, a lot of companies choose black and white tones in such an interesting way that it looks far from being boring or monotonous.

Choosing Playful Texts and Shapes

Sometimes you can use big or playful fonts to add to your bottle. Such bubbly shapes or text gives a lively and funky feeling to the packaging. It has been seen in trend among a lot of personal care products.
When you add asymmetrical designs, they are surely guaranteed to grab customer’s attention towards the brand.

Old and Vintage

It is good to be updated and evolve into trendier designs, but there is something about vintage design which is hard to ignore.
Although old, but it is still in trend and vintage look is given to a lot of brands’ packaging. Vintage look is for people who prefer sophisticated and classy designs,  yet want something which is still in trend.