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5 Presentation Folder Ideas That Are Sure to Impress Your Client

Dress your presentation to impress and watch your client’s face light up in awe.
Modern Times Apr 19, 2019
First impressions are often your only impression. So why not surprise your client by dressing up your presentation folder?

Taking the time to personalize or jazz up your presentation materials shows that you take a special interest in your work.

Personalize the folder

Everyone loves to see their name. So personalize your presentation folders with images that relate to your presentation and your client.

This way, the presentation looks and feels thoroughly thought out just for this client. It’ll make your client happy and prove that you have a vested interest in their business.

Add a creative cover design

Adding a creative cover design will catch your client’s eye. If you’re handing your presentation to your client, having a creative cover design ensures that your hard work won’t get lost on a desk full of clutter.

Having a creative cover design that is unique will show off your creative abilities and give them that “wow” factor.

Design the back of the folder

When designing a custom folder, the user almost always forgets that the back of the folder is also important.

But the back is the last thing that your client sees, and it is important for the back of the folder to make the same lasting impression as the front cover.

Branding is Key

Just as it’s important to make your client feel like the folder was created just for them, it is also important to include your logo on the presentation. It can be overwhelming for busy professionals to keep track of presentations.

It’s important to have your contact info easily accessible, and have your logo on the front and back cover.

Simplicity is Bliss

Having a busy looking folder isn’t always the best idea. Although it can certainly make for a lasting impression, keeping your design simple gives your presentation folder an elegant and refined feel.

It’s important to cater to your client’s demographic and put the proper amount of simplicity in your design.
Presenting material to a client in a professional presentation folder gives the impression that you care about the presentation and are willing to go above and beyond to cater to their needs.

It is also important to leave your brand on the folder, so that the client is always reminded of your business when they see the folder on their desk.