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5 Ways to Build Trust in Marketing

Trust is crucial in a sustainable marketing model, which is why it's important to build trust in your marketing endeavors.
Angelica Hartgers Nov 27, 2019

1. Educational Content

Educate your audience by using your marketing channels to offer a fresh, insightful perspective into their problem. By educating potential leads, you are promoting your business as a thought leader, which builds trust.

2. Free Tools

A great way to build engagement and trust is offer free tools aligned with your industry. For example, in our book publishing company, we provide a writing prompt generator for users to access for free.

3. Be Transparent

Always be clear with your target audience. Changing prices? Don't have a particular feature? That's okay! Potential customers will value your honesty, so be upfront about any downsides, and angle it in a way that makes it an upside.

4. Welcome Feedback

Feedback is important because it shows you areas of improvement. It's also important to ask for feedback, so your audience knows you're listening. Try to ask for feedback not just on a customer's experience, but also on product/service functionality, and even when rolling out new features.

5. Give and Take

Effective marketing is all about a give and take. Don't make your marketing message only about your business. Check in with your target audience, even when you're not trying to get anything from them in return. For example, send a holiday email blast to simply send well wishes and gratitude!