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6 Effective Ways of On-Site Video SEO

Shashank Kulshrestha Jul 26, 2019
We all know that video marketing is very effective and along with the time its importance is increasing. For a lot of people, video marketing is just about creating a video and uploading it. But that's not the game. You will have to study the market scenario and the user's behavior. So, let's know about these 6 effective ways for video marketing with SEO.

Choice of the Topic of Video

The video you are creating must offer some solution to the viewer's problem. So basically, it can be about the usage of the product or how your product works and solves a problem. You need to connect the product personally with user's problem.
A great video will convince user that your product is capable of solving their problems. So, create it that way.

Quality of Content Matters a lot

Video you are creating must be well structured and organized. Inorganized videos can easily be felt and hence customer may lose interest in your business.
A well-structured video will fulfill the expectations and needs of the potential customer. Think logically, would you ever want to see a video which is out of the focus of topic? You know the answer.

Thumbnail Must be Attractive

Because we are talking about video Search Engine Optimization here, Thumbnail plays a very important role.
What is the first thing you get to see in the preview? Thumbnail, right. If you are avoiding it, you are doing a mistake. Thumbnail can drastically improve click-through rate of your videos and get you more views as well as customers.

Categories & Tags

Just like we do with blog articles, videos should also be tagged with proper tags and put in matching categories. This is a good method for increasing the relevancy of video with the content users are looking for.
It will also make videos easily accessible to viewers. Also, categories and tags help in on-page SEO.

Video Page Optimization

Meta properties are the primary thing in on-page SEO. Just like any other page on the web, a video will also be having a page on which it will be hosted.
Meta title and meta description are two important things which you must put on-page. Treat this page like any other normal page, make sure to put content along with a video on this page.

Transcribe the Video

We humans can read a content which is written on an image or in a video. A robot (crawler) cannot read content in videos and images. No matter how many words you put in the video, their importance will be 0 for crawlers.
If you put transcription of videos, the crawler will be able to read it. It will improve on-page optimization and relevance of the video.