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6 Tips For Balancing Digital Marketing And Creative Writing

Lisa Smith Apr 5, 2019
Until those dreams bear fruit, most writers find themselves making money in other ways.

In order to keep their writing skills sharp, and to spend their time doing what they love (at least a little bit) many work as freelance writers. For most, that means creating content for digital marketing campaigns.
This can be rewarding. It certainly pays the bills. Unfortunately, there’s an undeniable downside. Some writers may feel as if they have sold out.

Others may worry that they will lose their creative edge. Then, there’s finding time for creative writing on top of creating marketing content. Boredom is also a factor.
Can a writer work in the digital marketing world, and still pursue their creative writing dream?

Of course they can. It’s challenging, but doable. Here are six tips for finding that perfect balance.

1. Content writing can be creative

Think about the last ad you watched, the last sponsored post that you read, or the brands that you follow on social media.

You chose not to hit the ‘skip ad’ button or scroll past. Why was that?
Chances are, that content was funny, inspirational, touching, or compelling in some other way. Creating content like that takes creativity.

Companies need that creativity so they can publish content that improves SEO and drives traffic to their websites.
They need storytellers, people who can evoke emotions in their readers without being manipulative, and those who can incorporate both visual and written elements.

Use your creativity to your advantage. You’ll get better results for your clients, and you will practice the creative writing skills that you need.

2. Leverage the flexibility of freelancing

If you work as a freelance, digital marketing writer, you don’t have to worry about a boss monitoring every minute of your time.

You’re obligated to meet your deadlines, not justify what you are doing at any given moment. That means you have some built-in flexibility.
Did a creative, story idea just hit? Great, take three minutes to jot it down. Are you finding the content writing process to be horribly tedious?

Unless you have an urgent deadline pending, you can probably spare 15 minutes to work on something creative. As long as you manage your time well, you can weave creative writing throughout  your day.

3. Let your research influence your creativity

Good content writers rely on research to write things that are authoritative and convincing.

They share case studies, cite statistics, and use reputable links so that readers believe them.
This may not be your idea of an enjoyable time. In fact, if you’ve ever used Studicus.com to help with research, writing, proofread, and other tasks just to get through boring writing tasks you aren’t alone.

Well, here’s some good news. The research you’re doing to earn money writing marketing content can benefit your creative writing as well.
First, it can be a source of creative inspiration. You never know when you are going to find something that will pique your interest.

Characters and story ideas exist everywhere, even in non fiction.
In addition to this, good creative writing also requires research. Have you ever read historical fiction, science fiction, military fiction, spy thrillers, etc.

Many of these stories are so compelling because the author took the time to do their research.
They weave in facts, and ensure that the stories they share have enough of an element of reality that they are believable.

4. Give yourself the tools you need to follow creative urges

The best way to ensure that you always have time to pursue creative writing is to be ready when the urge hits.

After all, it isn’t as if you can simply close off the flow of creative ideas. They come when they come.
Your job is to capture them, and get those words and ideas down on paper.

This could be while you work, during your favorite TV show, even while you go grocery shopping.
You have to be at the ready at all times. Carry a pen and notebook. Even better, install an app that allows you to record your thoughts or write them down.

This way, your biggest, creative tool is your phone. It only takes a few moments. Then you can return to the task at hand.

5. Prioritize creativity in your down time

Chances are, you’re nearly as busy when you’re off work than you are during the workday.

After all, that’s when you socialize, run errands, work around the house, hit the gym, and pursue your hobbies. All of these things are important, but so is your talent for creative writing.
Yes, you have obligations, but you have an obligation to this as well. Give yourself permission to delay or skip out on non-essential tasks to spend time writing. All of your chores will be available to you. The creative work you do is much more important.

Remember two important things. What you feed grows, and creativity dwindles if you let it go stagnant.

6. Spend time in creative spaces

No matter what you’re working on at any given time, do your best to spend time in spaces that boost your creativity.

Work in a cafe so that you can watch people. Take your lunch on the grounds of the local art museum. Go to your local Yoga studio to enjoy the exercise as well as the zen environment.
Finally, decorate your home office.

Use it to showcase your artistic flair, and create a space that inspires your creativity.

What’s your secret?

How do you balance your creative writing drive with your digital marketing pursuits? Do you use the techniques here, or are there other methods that work for you? Maybe you haven’t quite found the perfect balance yet.

If so, just know that it is quite possible to be a digital marketer, and creative writer. In fact, each skill can often complement the other.