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7 Ways to Increase User Engagement on Your Website

User engagement, the most sought-after facet of your business is decreasing by degrees. AMP Stories is a perfect fix to the lowering user engagement rates on site.
MarketingWit Staff
Last Updated: Jan 11, 2019
Know Your Target Audience
Target Audience
Be an endless supplier of content that does not keep any query unanswered. A niche specific website for a target audience is a definite way to raise user's average time-on-site. So, take a heed at the readers browsing your site from different parts of the world to know what interests them.
First Impressions Last
First Impression of Site
It takes only 2.6 seconds to grab user attention on the site to make your first impression! "Loading speed" is the deciding factor for the good or bad impression a website makes in the viewer’s mind. To hit the right note with your readers, aesthetics - site's object of attention, must allure them.
Declutter Your Connection With Readers
The best way to stay a step ahead is to deliver high-quality content in essence. Surprise your audience by maintaining the content uniqueness. In lieu of creating vapid content, write text that reaches your audience in their language, as human speech is more empathetic. Declutter your website layout to avoid a tangled web and endeavor for consistency.
Encourage User Interaction
User Interaction
Collecting feedback is like collecting opinions. To beef up the time-on-site of a user, ask him to give a feedback or comment about what he feels after going through the site. Encouraging comments is an indirect way to keep the users engaged on your website for a longer span of time.
Refine Your Site Naviagtion
Easy Navigation
Most web viewers while looking at a site, innately tend to hunt for the navigation menu. So, streamline your site navigation and ideally situate the menu where it gets sighted quickly, aiding the user to familiarize with the layout, impelling him to stay on the site.
Choose Your Writing Format
Writing Format
AMP Stories! This is the trick of the trade to boost the user engagement of your site! Content is the leading light, but content in the right format is luminary. Revamp your website with the prolific AMP Stories format, a part of Google’s AMP Project, and see the bounce rate of the site taking a nosedive!
AMP Stories, the perfect blend of rich visuals and crisp content, make the user sink into its new immersive experience. This storytelling format demystifies the site content for the mobile users, helping them to connect to your site.  So, without a delay, create AMP Stories with our AMP Story Builder and carve out your own niche as an AMPlified website!
Offer Engagement Rewards
Granting engagement rewards like discount codes, special offers, free e-book copies to your audience is another smart way to corner the market of your business niche! Copper-bottom your users by offering rewards to keep them hooked on to your site!
Over To You
Converting your potential customers is no small feat! Don’t forget, the more captivating your site is, higher are the chances of users getting attracted to your site, thereby elevating the graph of user engagement for you! So, test the waters with AMP Stories and bet your bottom dollar that will definitely gain you a roaring trade!