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Advantages and Disadvantages of Print Media

Unique Advantages and Disadvantages of Very Popular Print Media

Apart from newspapers and magazines, there are other print media channels such as billboards, direct mail, brochures, and other specialty ads. Read the following Buzzle post to learn about its advantages and disadvantages in our lives.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
The print media is considered to be one of the most flourishing industries today. This medium is also particularly very popular to reach target audience, on a global basis, for advertisers. The different types of print media give a plethora of options for people to reach a varied bracket of users.
So, every medium has its particular advantages, a thing which should be considered to be of utmost importance by all advertisers and clients. However, there are certain disadvantages as well. In the following sections, we will going over both the positive and negatives aspects of print advertising.
  • Both media outlets―magazines and newspapers―have a loyal readership. This can be very useful for advertisers as compared to gaining loyal customers or advertising on the Internet.
  • If you are targeting a particular geographical area, you can do so with ease. For example, a local newspaper would be a best medium to advertise about a new shopping complex.
  • You can choose the size of the advertisement space. This will help you to plan the budget of the exact expenses to be incurred while advertising.
  • With loyal customers, comes the possibility of word-of-mouth marketing or advertising.
  • Magazines and newspapers are always in the eye among the public. Magazines are read for a period of a month, which brings more attention to an advertisement.
  • You can even advertise through brochures or leaflets depending upon your target audience. If the information is in detail, a brochure can prove to be an apt option. A leaflet, in that case, would be useful for a brief message or introduction of the organization and/or services provided.
  • The cost incurred can sometimes be expensive considering the medium you choose.
  • The shelf-life of any particular print medium is limited. Newspapers, for example, are among the public eye only for a day.
  • This medium may not always give you a wide reach. Internet, on the other hand, can target a global audience.
  • There is a limitation in terms of the kind of people who may actually read your message. The particular newspaper may not actually be accessible every time to your target group, which means, your message may be missed! The Internet on the other hand, can be accessed from anywhere.
  • You may have to plan months in advance to advertise in print media. It does not offer you flexibility when you are faced with a tight deadline.
  • Advertisements may get lost in all the clutter of editorial and ads by competitors.
Thus, we can see, there are certain pros and cons of print media. With proper planning, you can opt for the right form to gain maximum coverage and make the best of this medium!