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The Surprising Benefits of Mobile Marketing Not Many are Aware Of

Rahul Thadani May 10, 2019
Here is some information about advantages of Mobile marketing, and why it is an attractive option for marketers.
Mobile marketing is becoming very popular among several companies and sellers for various reasons. When we start to understand its various advantages over other channels and mediums, we will see why it is a much preferred method of merchandising for many companies.
Not only is this medium less expensive and far reaching, but it is also extremely interactive. This gives the marketer a chance to devise the potential customer's profile more accurately.
The reach of mobile phones in today's world and especially in the United States of America, has risen by leaps and bounds. It is said that about 95% of the US population owns cell phones, and this amounts to around 310 million people. It is a huge number, which gives the marketers a channel to reach a large number of people at a very low cost.
Companies spend millions of dollars on marketing campaigns in varied forms and there is no guarantee that such ways even work. With the help of this type of marketing, organizations can reach people directly and be more personal in nature.
Moreover, by this method, the company is ensuring that people do not miss their marketing strategies. Even if the success ratio is low in such a situation, this is still a cheaper and far reaching method of merchandising.


Better Data Management and Databases

When a seller practices mass marketing techniques, he has no personal information of the individuals which he targets. This problem is solved in case of this type of marketing, as each individual has his own private contact number, and the marketer can obtain it from the right channels.
All this helps to personalize the commercializing efforts, and it also improves the seller's database, while simultaneously aiding in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as well.

Better Resource Management

The process involving sending an SMS or calling a potential customer, is considerably less time-consuming, not to mention cheaper than creating a billboard or a television advertisement campaign.
Moreover, the client can also respond instantly (if he is interested), and this is one of the biggest advantages, as opposed to mass media marketing, email marketing, or even Internet marketing.

Better Reach Towards Customers

The distinguishing factor of a cell phone vis-a-vis a home phone, is that the customer will carry the former one with him wherever he goes. Thus, he can be contacted at pretty much any time during the day, no matter where he is.

Better Location Preferences

4G cell phones are a good way of getting a customer's current location, and finding out what he is doing at the present moment. Of course, this is something that needs to be done through the proper channels, and with the customer's permission.
But this is one of the biggest advantages, as it lets the marketer fathom what the client needs at that exact moment, and then provides it.
With so many features which can be availed, it is no surprise that most companies resort to this medium. This is just one of the many things that technology has changed over the years.