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How to Make an Advertising Flyer

Advertising flyer is an effective way to market your products and services. It's easy to make and can be made in less budget as compared to other tools of advertising.
Puja Lalwani Oct 8, 2018
Advertising flyers are one of the best and comparatively inexpensive ways to market your products and services. Moreover, because they are relatively inexpensive, you can target larger customer groups for sales. As such, this makes them unique as they allow you to have your cake and eat it too.
Knowing how to use them to your advantage is an art, the process of which begins with first making them in a manner that is appealing, and then covering the right area for their distribution.

The Process

You may have noticed a lot of flyers, advertising different products and events in your locality. Using them as examples, you could come up with different ideas. Making them is like putting together several different ingredients to come up with one unique recipe. Here are some helpful tips on the same.


The process of making advertising flyers begins by deciding what you want to put into them. There are certain guidelines that should be followed. These include what you are planning to advertise, who you are targeting as customers, when the particular offer you are advertising begins and ends, the venue of the event, and the purpose if applicable.
The product or service you are selling is the most important factor. It is important that you put in the vital points regarding the product, so that people take it seriously. Include the product name with a small description and the benefits of using your product as compared to your competitor's product. Do not include the prices, unless necessary.
If you are offering any discounts, or free products on the purchase of a certain amount, include it in a manner that makes it more prominent to the customer. For instance, change the font, put it in bold or italics, and increase its size a little than the rest of your text. Include the offer for a limited period to attract more customers.
Put in your contact details, viz. an address where you can be located, your email if necessary, and your contact number. Ensure all these are legitimate, because you don't want people to think that you are running some sort of a scam.


It should be eye-catching and visually appealing in order to attract the desired and necessary attention from customers. Instead of making it black and white, you could make it colorful.
One thing to keep in mind is that, the overall costs are going to increase when you opt for a colorful flyer instead of a traditional black and white one. However, think of the net result and the benefit you are going to attain, if you invest in the right advertising campaign.
You can also choose from glossy, matte, or regular paper finishes. If it is a small group you are targeting, you can invest in these colorful and high quality papers. If it is a larger group, keep it simple to save your overall costs.
Depending on your product, the size of the paper could be the standard letter size, or you could divide one page to make two small flyers.
Though their look matters a lot, it is the content that is going to get you all the business. Always keep in mind, not to use fancy and wacky fonts. Stick to simple fonts such as Arial, Tahoma, Times New Roman, etc. These are easy to read, and will definitely stand out against the background you are planning.
If necessary, you could include graphics in the background. This is more applicable if you are advertising an upcoming event such as a garage sale, or a fete, or a service such as yoga classes, or aerobics classes, etc. Whatever the purpose, keep the graphics mild and not too loud as this will divert attention from the main content.
If it is a product, then try to include its picture, so that the customer gets an idea about it. Once they are ready, have them printed in the required quantity, and prepare them for distribution.


Your entire process is complete when you know where and when to distribute the flyers. If you are providing a limited offer on your product or service, ensure that you distribute them when there is enough time for the customer to get in touch with you. Ideally, a minimum period of 7-10 days before the offer or the event is a good time to distribute.
Depending on the product or service, decide where you will put up the flyer. For instance, if it is a yoga class, a health center or a health store would be the ideal place. If it is a garage sale, you could include the flyer with the newspapers in your locality. This will ensure that every house gets one, and your targeted customer base is larger.
Lastly, if you find it difficult to work with these tips, you can use the various templates and samples available online.