Smart Advertising Ideas for Salons That are Real Game-changers

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Advertising Ideas for Salons

Starting a new salon requires one to advertise and promote the business in a big way. Reaching as many potential customers as possible, and then converting them into customers is the key.

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Opening a new hair salon can be quite a challenging task. Assuming that you have overcome the obstacle of setting up a new salon, the next consideration for you is how to go about doing the advertising and promotion. There are many advertising ideas that you can try out, and be assured that they will fetch you some degree of return on investments.

Advertising, as is generally assumed, requires a huge investment of time and money, and the return on this investment is usually just a small proportion of the original amount. But if you apply the right ideas, you can reap many benefits that other beauty salons may not have. The most important thing to remember during any form of advertising is to know what kind of customers you are targeting, and be clear about the kind of services you are offering. If there is any ambiguity about this certain matter, then even the best ideas are bound to fail.

Catchy Name / Tag Line

catchy name

Making the World a better place, one snip at a time! – Alex Mathew

If you are open to the idea of having a fun name for your salon, you could always experiment with a name that rhymes with a salon jargon or maybe a hairstyle that you are particularly good at. If you aren’t feeling too adventurous, you can opt for a tag line which could be witty and humorous. Also try to say as much about your salon or your style in as little words as possible.

Adverts in the Newspaper


You might just have found your savior in the neighborhood paperboy! You could always have newspapers carry your adverts and even have flyers sent around town. You need to be patient with this though, as the newspapers these days are flooded with all kinds of adverts. You definitely want to make an impression with your advert, so try to focus on your strengths. The customer would always want to know how you are different from the competition. Remember wit and humor always work, but it is a thin line to tread up on, ‘cos you don’t want to poke fun at your potential customers in any way.

Social Media

One of the best platforms to advertise any product these days is social networking sites. You could opt to pay some money and have your product promoted. You could also start your own group about hairstyles and other grooming tips. It is all about brand building, and always remember, happy customers will in turn get you more customers.

Word of Mouth

word of mouth

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well, that the product or service fits him and sells itself. – Peter Drucker

You can spend money and then spend some more, but there’s little that would match up to advertising by word of mouth. That is why we cannot emphasize enough on the importance of good customer service. If you have a happy customer, he/she will definitely spread the news about your good work to people within his/her own circle. This in turn would result in you building a larger customer base.

Complimentary Haircuts

complimentary haircuts

When you start off with your salon, for the first week or so, you could offer free haircuts to your customers. This could also be done for the first few customers who come your way. Always remember, in time, your good services would be rewarded. As you start off it might seem like all the profits have been snipped away, but with time, you could find yourself grooming a perfect career for you.

Stylish Names for Hairstyles

stylish service names

You could have some interesting names for the hairstyles you offer, rather than going in for the boring old traditional names. Again remember, it is all about getting the balance between being witty and humorous just right.

Sport a nice Hairstyle

wear your style

If you are in fact the owner of a salon, you can never afford to have a bad hair day. You are the best advertising board for your salon, and you would want to pay extra attention to your hair every morning. You could try experimenting with different colors to highlight your hair, although people might have a few reservations getting a haircut from a guy sporting a fluorescent green Mohawk!

Customers = Best Billboards!

style of the week

You could snap a few pictures of your best work. You could also have a ‘Style of the Day/Week’ image put up, and offer the same at a lower rate to draw the customers in. To make things fun, you could have a few willing customers pose for mug shots, holding up a placard with the name of your salon and the hairstyle they are flaunting. With the consent of the customer, you could have these images put up to decorate your salon and maybe even use them outside for advertising. That would definitely catch people’s eyes. You might want to be careful though, you don’t want to make it seem like you run a salon just for ex-cons!

Hair Care Tips

tips from experts

Advertising isn’t just about flashy adverts or sending flyers, it is about making your potential customers aware of your presence, and also keeping the customers who come your way happy. This in turn will bring in more business for you. You need to keep their needs in mind, and even small gestures like a warm welcome can go a long way in keeping them happy. You could consider giving them tips and even giving them handouts to help them take better care of their hair. Remember what they say, Courteous treatment will make your customer a walking advertisement.

Your own Signature Style

People cut hair with fire. Cut hair under water. There are even people who cut hair blindfolded. While it is strongly recommended that you don’t get too adventurous and play with fire or water or risk getting a ‘earful’ (quite literally so) from your customer while snipping away in the dark, you could always try coming up with your own unique and fun way of grooming their hair.

Offer discounts

Bargain… anything a customer thinks a store is losing money on. – Kin Hubbard

You could offer discounts to students, the elderly, and the disabled. You could even offer house visits for people who can’t travel due to their health. It might not earn you a lot of money, but your good deeds will never go unnoticed and it is bound to pay dividends in the long run. People always like to hear of good deeds, and are appreciative of it too. Having combo deals, selling two services packaged together at a lower price could also help rope in the customers.

Once you have built a fair reputation and a steady source of revenue, you can start pursuing advertising on a larger scale. Remember that advertising is an art, and if utilized properly, it can help you reap a lot of benefits. But if it is mismanaged, it can also work against you.

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