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AdWords Success Secrets

Rita Putatunda Nov 1, 2018
AdWords is basically a type of online advertising that has been made popular by Google. Here, we give you a few tips that will help you be successful with Google AdWords.
With AdWords, Google has created one of the most effective, easily measurable, and targeted forms of advertising and marketing in history. Using Google AdWords, you can access millions of people in seconds, getting the attention of an appropriate audience, in order to sell your products or services to visitors from all across the world.
However, in order to be successful―maximizing your results along with minimizing your spending―there are a number of simple steps that you can take.

Identify a List of Effective Keywords

One of the basic steps is to identify a list of the most effective keywords, which will be used in your AdWords ad. This is particularly important, since if you bid on the keywords that everybody else is bidding on, it will result in you ending up with very costly clicks.

Use Keyword Search Tools

You can use any keyword search tools that are available online in order to determine the keywords that do not have too much competition, and yet have lots of searches. AdWords Analyzer software can also be used for this purpose.
In fact, by bidding on enough keywords that are low-cost, you can actually do as well, or even better than if you would have bid for an expensive and popular keyword. Plus, you can also determine a budget limit, in order to keep control on the total monthly expenditure.
In addition, you can also specify not including certain words in order to limit the number of clicks from people hunting for some related product or service that you do not offer.

Refine the Keywords

If you have budget constraints you could cut costs by refining the keyword, aiming at sub-topics of the main topic. For instance, if your topic is on diamonds, you could create a sub-topic 'Diamond Jewelry'. By doing this, your ad will only be displayed if the exact keyword phrase, which you need to include within quotes, is searched for.

Target the Correct Audience

Targeting the right audience is an obvious tactic. You can do this quite simply by choosing the language and countries that you are aiming for. For instance, you could leave out all countries where the major percentage of the population cannot understand English.

Perform a Split Test

One of the things you need to do is simultaneous testing of two or more ads, which is known as a split test. This will help you to find out which ad produces a higher click through ratio.
Once this is determined, you could go about tweaking the weaker ad, turning it into a higher performing ad. This process should be done continuously in order to keep your ads at the highest click through ratio possible.

Track the Return-On-Investment

Although the click through ratio of every ad is tracked by Google, it does not actually track the conversion ratio. In order to track the conversion ratio you will need to use a special tracking link.
Attaching an affiliate system of tracking is one of the ways of doing it. This will help you to monitor in a better way whether each of your ads is producing return-on-investment.

Include Targeted Keywords

Targeted keywords should always be included in the headline as well as the description of the ad. Google highlights keywords that are searched for by bolding them in the ad, which helps to attract the attention of the viewer. This is the reason that ads with keywords generally perform better than the ones that are without.

Spell out the Benefits

Since ad space is limited, go straight to the point by spelling out a couple of major benefits in your ad, such as: lose weight; make more money; get healthier.

Use Attention Grabbers

The headline of your ad should begin with a word that is attention grabbing such as: Sale; New; Free; and so on. However, see that you heed the editorial guidelines of Google.

Use Power Words

Don't forget to use power words like: free shipping; free; limited offer; sale; cheap; at last; learn; fact; discover; enhance; tips; limited time; special. Plus, it is always a good idea to include call-to-action phrases, such as: Download free trial now; Buy Today = Save 70%, etc.
Make sure that the phrases you use are specific to your business or the phrase may be rejected by Google.

Sell Your USP

Your ad needs to spell out why your product or service is different or better from your competitors.

Link to the Relevant Landing Page

If any of your ads is for a specific service or product, you need to have a landing page for it. The landing page should have all the useful, appropriate, and relevant information so that there are higher chances of converting the potential customer.
Well designed landing pages usually convert a higher percentage of visitors than if they are simply sent to the home page.

Remove Common Words

As there is a limitation of space, common words should be removed as much as possible. Examples of these words are: of; it; on; in; an; a. In fact, get rid of any word that is not absolutely necessary in the ad. Ensure making every word count.

Deter Hunters of Freebies

Include the price of the service or product at the end of the ad. This will help you to reduce your average cost of customer acquisition along with improving your overall conversion ratio. Plus, it will also let your potential customer know what to expect.
While doing this may lower your click through ratio, however, it increases the likelihood of capturing potential customers. In any case, usually freebie hunters rarely, if ever, become paying customers.