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Babysitting Flyer Ideas

Babysitting Flyer Ideas

Want to get into babysitting as a part-time or full-time thing but don't know how to go about designing the babysitting flyers? Read the following article to know more.
Rujuta Borkar
Babysitting is a great way to earn some extra money. And if you've decided to give it a shot, you'll need to advertise for it. How else will people know about your services? One of the best ways to get the message across is to prepare some uniquely designed babysitting flyers. Nothing catches one's attention like flyers. So if you want to do that and don't know how to, I'll say just read the following article for all the answers.

The Basics
It is important to remember that a babysitting flyer template has to include all the information that you want the people whom you are targeting, to know. Include the following things on your flyer.

Your name is the most important thing on the flyer. Make sure it is bold and clearly visible even from a distance. Never let the design of the flyer overshadow your name.

This includes all the essential information regarding your phone number, email address, or any other contact number. You do not need to give your local address. But make sure that your phone numbers are clearly mentioned. Also, write what is the best time for them to contact you. A good idea for you is to make several separate chits that you can attach to the end of your flyer, so that people can simply tear of that bit and take it with them.

Mention your positive attributes like patience, punctual, loves kids, friendly, responsible, experienced etc.

Days and Time Availability
Make sure to mention the timings that you are willing to work for, and especially the days. Many parents would want sitters on weekends, so if you're offering that service it would really be of a great help for many.

Courses and References
This is a very important factor to talk about when it comes to your flyer. Do not forget to mention the related courses like first aid or babysitting courses that you've done. So also, make sure that you mention the babysitting experience you have had. And get references from all these jobs, but only state them if they ask for it.

The form of charges you will administer and what will be your babysitting rates will also have to be mentioned. Will it be hourly, or based on days? Will you charge more for weekends and how much more will you charge per child, plus an additional child.

Creative Ideas
How to make babysitting flyers? Here are a few ideas that you can use to design your own babysitting flyer. Make sure to make maximum impact. You can also include the varied activities that you will be taking up, or when you talk to them personally, you can mention it then.

Cartoon Characters
Nothing catches a child's or a parent's attention like a popular character from the cartoons. Design your flyer around this character and include all this information.

Attractive Wordings
Get their attention by penning down some very catchy phrases or styles of writing like 'Want to enjoy a night out dancing with your husband but don't know what to do about baby Thomas? It's Emma to the rescue!' This will immediately get their attention.

Develop a Story
This can get a little difficult but if you have a creative bent of a mind-go ahead and show it. Make up characters, putting yourself as the superhero babysitter or the like. Make sure that this does not take away from your name and other essentials.

Comic Strip
If you are good at drawing or can get someone to do it for you, draw up a panel that shows distressed parents in the first box, then your entry and by the end of the strip the parents having some time to themselves while you take care of the kid.


If It's Babysitting You Want, It's Babysitting You've Got!

I'm Marcy Jillian (This should be in a font that is larger than the other text so that it gets highlighted)
I'm available on the number _______ (insert number here) and _______. Call me anytime from 4:00 to 7:00.

I charge $5 per hour and 1 dollar more for every additional child.

I'm available every weekday and weekend night.

I have done ________ course and have a first aid certificate from _________. I'm fun loving, responsible, patient, and I love children.

I have been babysitting for 3 years now and have handled kids from the age group 6 months to 11 years.

I also have references that I can provide for. Contact me personally for the same.

Babysitting flyers are an essential ingredient for generating business. Once you have this done, the rest depends on how far and wide you can get those flyers out. So get to it soon and earn those extra bucks fast.