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BERT GOOGLE Search Update | Explained

Joel McLaughlin Dec 09, 2019
This will be affecting about 10% of queries according to Google. This has been rolling out all of last month. This is one of the largest updates in the past 5 years since Panda and Penguin (2011 & 2012).
A MAJOR portion of this will affect featured snippets and language learning. Most people aren't familiar to properly implementing snippets into their website.  A great way to manage featured snippets is an SEO plugin Rank Math, however; this replaces plugins like Yoast.  I personally like this plugin more.
We were told this is a neural network based technique to help with natural language processing. Essentially that means they want to better understand queries that are more natural language or conversation based, helping them understand nuances in verbiage.
We understand it has similar elements to RankBrain but does not replace that update. They have already implemented some features previously that relate to this update and have seen excellent results for the consumer.
Our best recommendation is great content and understanding what people are searching for is valuable. If you write quality content, this update may help you since they are trying to capture natural speech and content queries. You can implement a good SEO tool into WordPress sites like Rank Math to improve your snippets if you aren't familiar with them.


When optimizing for BERT and updating your website to ensure you're in good hands. Be cautious to write for a good experience while still using good keywords. This post has been provided by Dataflurry.