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Best Autoresponder

Autoresponders can be used for promoting and enhancing business by facilitating easy business communication. This Buzzle article provides information on the need of an autoresponder software, and also review the best ones on the market.

Have you recently started an online business? If yes, then I am sure you are looking for some help to increase your business. One of the options, which you may want to consider is the use of an autoresponder software. It is an automated response system that sends out email messages to a particular mailing list, which is an easy and effective solution for business communication.

This sending out of email messages is scheduled well in advance. With this service, you will not have to sit and send a big list of emails manually. You will be able to send out emails to many consumers or clients without having to worry about it. Now that we have agreed, it is a great way of promoting business, let’s try to find out the best ones in the business.

Autoresponder Software Review

There are three types of auto responding software in the market: free, scripts and remote autoresponder software. Each one of them has its own positive and negative points. Let us take a look at some in detail.


If you are full-time Internet marketer and need to correspond with your clients everyday, then you may want to consider Aweber. A customer is charged approximately $30 per month. Unlike other free auto responding software, Aweber ensures emails are delivered. Its interface and tools are user-friendly, and forms can be set up as well.

There is the direct sign-up form for the customer’s website. Apart from emails, there are other services which can be availed as well. There are pop over ads, pop under ads, shape of a fly ad, etc. The fonts and colors of the ads can also be edited. There is built-in tracking for the sign-up form and also for the messages.


One of the major advantages of this software is that it provides a free marketing tutorial. At the same time, the user is provided with excellent telephone technical support. Every aspect of the emails sent out are tracked, which helps in identifying the weaker areas. The tracking ranges from email clicks, opens as well as sales in real time.

There is the form builder, which enables the user to build engaging web forms only with a few clicks. There are as many as 500 templates that save time on template design. The email marketing can also be tracked using an iPhone. It also includes features like email-to-speech, video email marketing, online surveys, etc., which help in boosting business.


Infusionsoft not only helps with Internet marketing, but also has a customer relationship management system (CRM) in place along with email marketing. In this system, all details about the leads are tracked down. The details are of immense help in sending out targeted emails, which help in boosting sales. It has a smart automation system that enables the user to send out specific messages to a prospective customer, depending on the customers response and background. It is also equipped with an Open API, which allows integration with other platforms. It also facilitates easy import or export of contacts.

plx Autoresponder v3.8

This autoresponder script can be used on Linux, Unix as well as Windows platform. The only potential drawback in using this software is that you should be well-versed with scripts. Also, images cannot be sent. Therefore, if your email marketing strategies include sending images, then this is not the right option for you.

Before you buy any one, it is important that you decide the need of an auto responding system. Using a trial version makes sense in such a case. It will help you assess the usability and necessity before you actually invest in one.

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