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Creative Brochure Design Ideas

Shrinivas Kanade Nov 18, 2018
A brochure equipped with a clear message to the targeted audience, is a great tool in the hands of a person who wants to advertise a product or service. This write-up provides some ideas to come up with a marketable piece of advertising.
For a long time, brochures have been preferred by those businessmen who cannot afford to spend money on television or print ads.
A well-designed piece can deliver its message as effectively and sometimes even better than the rest of the mediums.
While, a TV commercial lasts for only a few seconds and the newspaper is read just once and discarded, a brochure can be retained longer by the audience. Before it is printed and distributed to the targeted audience, it needs to be designed well.
This designing process can be lengthy, and one that needs to take into consideration various factors such as consumer preferences, type of product/service, and budget. You may need to come up with a number of conceptions before actually finalizing one. Let's look at the elements that go into making a brochure and some ideas on each of them.


A cleverly-shaped brochure can make a huge impact merely on being presented.
The most common type is the 'bi-fold', where a single sheet is printed on both sides and folded into halves resulting in four panels (two panels on each side).
In the 'tri-fold' type, the single sheet is folded into thirds, resulting in six panels (three panels on each side).
Other folder arrangements like the 'Z-fold', 'C-fold', etc., are also possible.
For example, a manufacturer of a mango-flavored soft drink could convey a subtle message about its taste by using a mango-shaped paper. Even before the target audience starts reading it, they already know that it is about something to do with mangoes.


If you are operating many branches of a business in the city, then how will you make this fact known to your existing and potential clients? Will you make a brochure which lists all of your branches? Yes, it works, but it is a traditional way of delivering information.
How about a print which depicts the map of the city providing the location of your branches! Wouldn't your clients prefer searching for a branch on the map.
Graphical representation always pulls the reader more than just words.


If you design a layout full of text which describes the collection of paints sold by your business, then do you think it will be read by the audience? Most probably, not.
How about adding some color to depict the various shades of paint. It will be a good idea to design a brochure with a rainbow of glistening colors on it. This has a great chance of attracting attention, because it is easier to use colors to convey a message rather than text.
Let us say, you come across an ad which is smaller in height than its width, printed for a construction company which is well-known for building skyscrapers. Do you think the medium is effective? Probably not. It must consider every aspect of the business, purpose, and the target audience.
A brochure serves as the face of your organization. The more elegant, clear, and catchy it is, the more successful it will be in building your business' reputation.