These Business Flyer Templates are Really Very Professional

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Business Flyer Templates

Business flyers are used to advertise products and help your business soar high. The article below provides a sample business flyer template with the help of which you can design your own flyers.

Business flyers are amongst the most common methods of advertising a business, quite often, one of the cheapest. The whole mechanism of marketing with flyers is devilishly simple – make the advertising flyer, drop it on the doorstep of the people you think would make great customers, and then wait for them to call you. The cost associated with making business flyers is very less, and you can reduce it further by making it yourself.

Importance of Business Flyers

  • They are one of the best ways of advertising small business, which operate on a low-budget.
  • This includes local businesses, such as pest control, cleaning, laundry, and small restaurants, which cannot afford, or for that matter, do not see much sense in making avant grade TV advertisements, given the very local customer base that they cater to.
  • Business flyers are a convenient mode of advertising for these businesses.
  • Examples of these can be seen in articles on babysitting and event organizing businesses.
  • The costs are less, the impact is strong, and if there is a new person or family in the neighborhood, they are no doubt looking for services similar to yours.

Designing Business Flyers

For Small Businesses

  • All it takes is the name of your company, the services it offers, a nice color-scheme in the background, and your phone number.
  • Many small businesses who opt for flyer marketing are business, which people really can’t do without – the cleaners, the carpenters, plumbers, etc.
  • Once you put a word out that your business exists and that you are willing to do an admirable job, the calls will start coming in!

For Bigger Companies

  • Small businesses aside, the bigger ones too often feel the need to look for examples of good business flyer templates.
  • The bigger business houses use flyers predominantly to introduce themselves to other businesses.
  • As such, business flyers are often a good tool of business to business marketing.
  • These flyers are necessarily jazzier and are made on glossy paper.

Making Flyers

  • Making business flyers ranges from really easy to not-that-easy, depending on what sort of flyer you’re making.
  • The simple ones need a little help from either Powerpoint, Word, or Paint, or a combination of one or more of these software.
  • The not so easy ones will need more advanced applications, like the Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PageMaker, and CorelDRAW.

What You Need to Include

  • The name of the business.
  • The type of work you carry out. For example, a cleaning business flyer will have to mention the range of services that they offer.
  • The price of their products or services.
  • A special offer or two so that the customer will be tempted to use the product or service of your business.
  • A contact number so that a willing customer can call you and order your wares.
  • Customer reviews (if any) can come in pretty handy so that the reader will know that others too have been calling your business and are favorably impressed by what they experienced.

A Sample Business Flyer

[Name of the Company]

[Services Provided]



[Contact e-mail]



[Name and designation of owner/CEO]

Business flyers are effective, because they are unobtrusive, and people can see and use them at their convenience, unlike TV ads, which can be rather annoying.

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