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Campaign Slogan Ideas

Campaign Slogan Ideas

When you are running a campaign, you need to have some catchy campaign slogans to grab people's attention in a matter of few seconds. A few slogan ideas are mentioned in the following article, so take your pick.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: May 8, 2018
During a campaign, irrespective of its nature, there are slogans that have to be made for the publicity of the event. A campaign slogan, usually pasted or written on paper, is used to advertise the purpose of the campaign in an attractive manner, which will grab people's attention. These slogans can be very interesting sentences where the words are appealing to the audience, and people are requested to select or vote. Every company trying to find a base in the market, political party that runs for elections, social demonstrations held in public places, or simply events organized at schools need catchy slogans for their publicity. These ideas are the main attention-grabbers produced for a particular person's or product's popularity.
There are various campaign slogan ideas from which people have come up with for many purposes and sometimes these are reused too. Among these, there are many patented slogans that are owned by certain big brands and companies, and cannot be used by anyone else. Sometimes, these advertising slogans can also use a bit of humor in them, to make the campaign advertising interesting. Hence, there are a number of funny slogans related to campaigns, which are created to get more votes! Read into the following lists to find some catchy and creative slogans for every campaign.
Campaign Slogan Ideas for ...
Student elections are a common sight in every high school, and once they are around, everyone is excited about making these colorful school campaign slogans. Take a look at some ideas mentioned below and pick what suits you―freshman slogans, those for student council elections, etc.
Making the world better since (birth year) [Name].

Have you got [Name] yet?

The right government at the right time!

Thank [Name] it's Friday.

Taking action, getting results.

Get energy. Get [Name].

Action born and bred.

Straight talk from [Name].
campaign slogan about change
Catalyst for change.

Seek something better.

Tomorrow is looking great.

Open your mind. Improve your school.

Breaking barriers, building a future.

Education makes options. (Name) makes results.

Don't rock the boat. Vote for incumbent [Name].

Improve your school: pick [Name] for [position].
campaign slogan for student council
I don't want all your votes, just yours ...
Vote for [Name].

Get fresh ideas from a freshman: [Name].

A fresh face, a fresh start.
Political parties and companies also need some attractive and interesting campaign slogan ideas for better sales and productivity. Hence for such purposes, a few catchy political slogans are mentioned below; so take a look!
Leadership, Experience, Values means something.

Getting me elected means getting leadership, experience, honesty.

Vote (name)―most experienced, proven performance, genuinely cares.

I am not running for office, I am running for you.

Prosperity for (place) families.

Vote (name) excellence through experience.

Our children deserve better.
campaign slogan about voting
Working for us,
Vote for us!

Bridging the gap one step at a time!

Working with you, for a change.

Because principles matter.

Sustaining the quality of (Place) through integrity, honesty, and experience.

Citizen, not politician!
campaign slogan about politics
Put experience on our side.

Service to our country. Service to you.

Let my experience work for you.

Experienced, Dependable, Honest.

Qualified and ready for the job.

Right person for the right reason.
With these slogan ideas put together just for your convenience, you can choose whichever suits your campaign the most. So, find some creative ideas and grab yourself those votes!