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Tips For Choosing a Campaign Slogan

Omkar Phatak Nov 3, 2018
Brainstorming for campaign slogan ideas and having a clear strategy is a very important part of election preparation. Here are some tips on choosing slogans, for those, who are in the process of planning your campaign for student council elections.
The hallmark of the democratic system of government is the process of voting. The voters have a choice of selecting their leader, whom they trust and in whom, they believe. However, to help the voters decide, the candidates standing for elections need to come up with good campaign slogan ideas, that will help put their thoughts across.
The slogan is your message to the voters, in a nutshell. It symbolizes your philosophy and your plans as a leader. Student council elections or school elections are a microcosm of the real world democratic arena. If you are standing for these elections, you have a chance to experience the whole process.
Learning how to formulate your campaigning strategy, writing your speeches, and coming up with slogans, that can inspire your fellow students to vote for you, is an important part of becoming a leader, in our democratic system.

Tips For Choosing One

Standing for student council elections is a good way of learning the ropes if you plan to enter into politics, as a career for the future.
A campaign slogan should be brief but packed with meaning. Pithy ones are easy to remember and easily spread by word of mouth. They also need to be easy to understand.
While composing them, consult your close friends and take their opinion into consideration. Take time to come up with an idea and try to be original in creating them. Let them be brief, simple, and catchy.

Positive Message

Positivity should be the hallmark of any slogan. It needs to convey a positive message, to the fellow students, who may vote for you. Also, it should convey your objective of bringing about a positive change. They can have a subtle dose of attitude in them, while still asserting your message.

For a Cause

A leader is judged by his stand on issues that closely concern the students. If you are elected to a student council, you get certain rights and power to bring about a change in the existing system. Your ideas could include the cause for which you would like to fight, as a student leader. Let there be a central idea, that is encapsulated by your slogan.

Placards, Pamphlets, and Pinups

Make placards and distribute pamphlets with your message. You can make small pin-ups with your message on it. Promoting yourself is an essential requirement of campaigning or rather, that is its objective. Do not let a misplaced sense of modesty hold you back from promoting yourself.

Conclude Your Speech With It

When you make your speech, conclude it with your slogan. That will make people remember it and when they have to make a split second decision in the voting booth, they might just choose you.

Ideas For Student Council Elections

Here are some slogans.

"Vote For . . .Choose Hope"
"Choose Fresh Blood. .Vote For. . "
"Vote For. . .Make A Difference"
"It Is Time Things Changed. .Vote For. . "
"Vote For. . Unleash Change"
"Vote For Doers. .Vote For. ."

Avoid cliches and try to be simple and original.