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Cash Only Surveys to Earn Great Money Online

Scholasticus K Nov 5, 2018
In the field of marketing and advertising, opinions and reviews play a key role. This has given rise to cash only surveys. Propagated by the phenomenon of Internet marketing, surveys for cash, today, are undertaken by several people and companies.
In the past decade, advertisers have greatly capitalized on the widespread usage of the Internet. Surveys for cash help marketing companies to know what the consumers want, the price at which they want it, and their reaction to a specific product, or what improvements do they want in a specified product. Companies want honest opinions - positive or negative.

What are They?

Surveys that pay cash only, are conducted through the Internet or in some cases phones. These are sometimes also known as e-surveys for money. They are conducted by different advertising and marketing companies that manufacture consumer oriented goods.
To participate and earn from such surveys, you will have to visit the websites of companies that conduct them. You will have to register yourself and in some cases, you will have to pay some requisite fees, which are quite nominal.
The company will get in touch with you and will send over a survey questionnaire or will send over specifications for some write-up or review that you will have to write and submit.
In some cases, if you use the manufactures products, you will also be requested to participate in forums or in chat rooms where your task will be answering questions and queries of potential consumers.
There are several paid online surveys for college students, which are organized by some media companies and publication houses. In all of them, you just have to give your honest opinion. It may be positive or negative.
Positive one: Product xyz is a great product, it has these 1,2,3, features and is great. It has improved my life drastically.
Negative one: Product xyz is a great product, it has these 1,2,3, features and is great. It has improved my life drastically but it has one demerit.
The payment that you receive for contributing to the cash only survey is forwarded to you through Paypal or through a bank check, or in some cases, it is directly wired to your bank account.

How Do They Work?

Online surveys come in handy for a considerable number of marketing and advertising functions. Here's what happens to your submissions.
  • The answers to the questionnaires are used in several demographics oriented reports and advertisements. The ones that claim '8 out of 10 people like xyz product' are usually based on such surveys.
  • Some of the reviews that you write go on the official website of the manufacturer.
  • In some cases, positive reviews or general informational reviews are posted upon forums or portals.
  • In many cases, the questionnaires are utilized to take important decisions, such as integrating improvements in products or modifying the costs or changing the form of after sales services.
There have also been cases where the cash only services have been considered to be scams and hoaxes. These are usually considered to be great marketing strategies and in a way, they help the consumers to raise their voices. As an individual, you can make a nice amount of cash with the help of them.