Ciao! 60 Catchy Names for an Italian Restaurant

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60 Catchy Names for an Italian Restaurant

A unique restaurant name is bound to give your food business an extra kick. While food lovers will flock to your restaurant either way, you must make sure you have catchy names for an Italian restaurant so that you can entice customers into visiting your joint.

Italian food

The beautiful country of Italy has made an immense contribution to the world cuisine – the all-time-favorite, inexpensive, cheesy, delicious pizza. Italians are known to be connoisseurs of food and art, and they believe in food quality rather than post-preparation embellishments. Italian cuisine is renowned for its simplicity. If you plan to open an Italian restaurant, you need to be well-versed about their cuisine.

Apart from pizza, Italian cuisine is characterized by varieties of cheese, pasta, and wine. The average person in Italy eats more than 51 pounds of pasta every year. The average person in North America eats about 15½ pounds per year.

Tap cuisine

What’s more unique than using the names of different Italian dishes? Combine your menu and come up with some classic names.

~ 121 Pizzzzas
~ Mozzarella Meals
~ Pizza Mania
~ Bocca Felice
~ Hot Tomatoes
~ Mac and Cheese
~ Penne With A Twist
~ Rigatoni Flavors

~ Basil and Olives
~ Mike’s Pizzeria
~ Mini Pasta Rolls
~ Pipin Hot Pizza
~ Wood Fire Oven
~ Spaghetti Corner
~ Meet the Sauces
~ The Cheese Factory
~ Garlic Pesto & More
~ Spaghetti & Meatballs
~ The Lasagna Pot
~ Brown Burnt Pizzas

Use lingo

Using Italian words for restaurant names is an interesting suggestion. People are instantly attracted to such names; most of them may or may not know the meanings of the Italian words, and they will possibly presume that your place specializes in some unique dishes.

~ La Pasta Burrosa
~ Pizze Fritte
~ Sale e Pepe
~ Vino e Pizza di Mike
~ Amo Pasta

~ Caldo dal Forno
~ Pollo del Cacciatore
~ Il Piatto CaldoLa Pizza Croccante
~ Macaroni Parmesan
~ Formaggio e Vino
~ Benvenuto a Nick
~ Uova e Gli Spaghetti
~ Cibo e Vino
~ Cacio e Pepe
~ Specialità di Pollo
~ La Casa di Porchetta
~ Fresco dal Forno
~ Spaghetti alla carbonara
~ Pollo alla Diavola

Use 2 languages

Using two languages will add a zesty flavor to the name, and perhaps make it seem hilarious too. You can combine Italian with English or any other language and come up with some cool and funny names.

~ Rosa’s Pizza Casa
~ Prima Colazione
~ The Caprese Salad
~ The Linguini Corner
~ Garlic Bread Varietà
~ Salami Bonanza
~ Romano’s Pasta
~ Coal-fire Pizza

~ Seaside Omelet Bake
~ Special Polenta
~ Pan Pizza Omelet
~ Bossa Pasta
~ The Miracle Oven
~ Bon Appetite
~ Hot ‘n Fresh Pizzas
~ Vino con Ravioli
~ La Magica Olive Oil
~ My Supremo Italiano
~ Pasta con Bagna Cauda
~ The Devilish Pesto

A fancy restaurant name can attract crowds instantly. Remember some ground rules while thinking about a name―keep it simple and keep the puns classy. Let your restaurant name be as delicious as the wonderful Italian meals so that people flock in pronto! Buoni amici fortuna!!

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