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Catchy Slogans That are Sure to Grab the Audience's Attention

Catchy Slogans
The main idea behind a slogan is to capture the attention of people. Catchy slogans are short and very effective; they make for an impressive introduction and help build trust for the campaigner. A cleverly-done slogan can really set the ball rolling for your business.
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Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
What are 'Catchy' Slogans?
Catchy slogans are short sentences that are used to advertise a business product, and accentuate its quality. A good advertising slogan can be just the boost you need for your business. Such slogans work great for advertising campaigns, schools, elections, food, health, drugs, and many more. The whole point of making your slogan different is to think out of the box.
Basic Things to Keep in Mind
→ Choose the words smartly, and be mindful of the vocabulary.
→ It should be easy to read.
→ Must convey the message, while being easy to remember.
→ Keep it short, as short slogans create impact.
→ Must have relevant content.
Catchy Campaign Slogans
Free Soil, Free Men, Free Speech, Fremont
- John Fremont
Democrats: Cleaning Up Republican Messes Since 1933
- Democrats
Democrats Are Sexy. Who Ever Heard Of A Nice Piece Of Elephant?
- Democrats
Republicans 2012: Keeping Millions Out of Work to Put One Man Out of a Job
- Democrats
If Republicans Don't Believe In Government, Perhaps They Shouldn't Run For It
- Democrats
I'll Keep My Freedom, My Guns, And My Money. You Can Keep The Change!
- Republicans
Voting Is Like Driving A Car. Choose (R) To Go Backward. Choose (D) To Go Forward - Democrats
If Ignorance Is Bliss, You Must Be One Happy Liberal
- Republicans
Work Harder! Millions On Welfare Depend On You!
- Republicans
I'd Vote For A Democrat, But I'm Allergic To Nuts
- Republicans
I'd Rather Be A Conservative Nut Job Than A Liberal With No Nuts And No Job!
- Republicans
You Can't Beat Somebody With Nobody
- Theodore Roosevelt
Keep Cool With Coolidge
- Calvin Coolidge
In Hoover We Trusted, Now We Are Busted
- Franklin Roosevelt
You Can't Fix Stupid, But You Can Vote It Out - Republicans
Hayes, Hard Money And Hard Times
- Democrats
Catchy Student Council Slogans
(Name) stands for Excellence
Get fresh ideas from a freshman: (Name)
Vote for fresh blood on student council: Vote (Name)
(Name) for reform. (Name) for action
Making the world better since (birth year), (Name)
Choose (Name), Get Action  Vote for (Name). We've all done something stupid.
Victoria's Real Secret -- she votes for (Name)
I don't hear the voices I AM the voice. Vote for (Name).
A Vote for Me is a Vote for You, Vote (Name) to Represent You!
(Name). Like Dark Vader, only prettier.
(Name): Because you're worth it
Catchy Advertising Slogans
A catchy advertising slogan is helpful in promotion, publicity and marketing of a particular product. An advertising slogan must be such that it grabs the audience's attention; they are easy to remember too. This is very helpful in advertising a business or running an election campaign. The slogan must convey the main motto of advertising or the campaign. The key points of the publicity must be conveyed clearly so that people can easily understand what you want to say. Here's a look at the slogans of some well-known brands.
Life's short, play more
- Xbox 360
Connecting people
- Nokia
We try harder
- Avis
Gourmet Fast Foods Bigger! Better!
- WindMill
Just do it
- Nike
Have a break. Have a Kit Kat.
- Kit Kat
Milk from contented cows
- Carnation
Save Money, Live Better
- Wal-Mart
I'm lovin' it
- McDonald's
Have it your way
- Burger King
Melts in your mouth, not in your hands
- M&M
It's the real thing
- Coca-Cola
Think different - Apple Don't be vague. Ask for Haig. - Haig Whisky  Tide's In - Dirt's Out - Tide
The best a man can get
- Gillette
Think outside the bun
- Taco Bell
Koo Koo for Cocoa Puffs
- Cocoa Puffs
Beanz Meanz Heinz
- Heinz
Snap! Crackle! Pop!
- Rice Krispies
Live to Loaf
- Strongbow
Are you a Cadbury's fruit and nut case?
- Cadbury
Keep Walking
- Johnnie Walker Whiskey
Wii would like to play
- Wii
I'd rather die of thirst than drink from the cup of mediocrity
- Stella Artois
- 3M
Think Big
- Imax
The Ultimate Driving Machine
catchy slogan by KFC Lays and Disneyland
Grace, space, pace
- Jaguar
American by birth. Rebel by choice.
- Harley-Davidson
Between love and madness lies obsession
- Calvin Klein
At the heart of the image
- Nikon
I am what I am
- Reebok
Impossible is nothing
- Adidas
Live in your world. Play in ours.
- PlayStation
A diamond is forever
- De Beers
Make believe
- Sony
It's everywhere you want to be
- Visa
Because you're worth it
- L'Oréal
Be stupid
- Diesel
catchy slogan
Funny Catchy Slogans
Safety is great unless you're late
10 fingers. 10 toes, if you are not safe - who knows?
Watch your step - it could be your last.
Crushed hands or missing fingers may affect your golf swing
A hardhat on your head keeps you from being dead
You can eat with false teeth, you can't see with a glass eye
Don't touch anything hot or sharp, unless you have to... in that case be careful, and remember big brother is watching.
Safety...Did it, done it, doing it tomorrow. Get hurt... Get Fired!?!?
It's lonely at the top, but you eat better.
Yesterday's meals on wheels
- (From a septic tank)
We would be delighted if you send in your payment. However, if you don't, you will be.
- (From an electric company)
No appointment necessary. We hear you coming.
- (From a muffler shop)
If we see smoke, we will assume you are on fire and take appropriate action.
- (From a nonsmoking area)
If your feet smell and your nose runs, you're built upside down.
Don't stand there and be hungry. Come on in and get fed up.
- (From a restaurant window)
Beer, now cheaper than gas. Drink, don't drive. Meetings: A practical alternative to work
Most schools introduce a new slogan every year. Usually, a school slogan is theme-based, and is employed with an image or a logo. Additionally, the bulletin boards, the banners in school, and the school T-shirt display this slogan.

A catchy slogan can be for fun, for advertising or for an effective election campaign. It is must be interesting, intelligent and easy enough to capture the mind of the one who reads it.