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Clever Campaign Slogans

Clever Campaign Slogans

Campaign slogans are a medium to express one's opinions and views. We have presented you a list of slogans that can inspire you while campaigning. Have a look.
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Campaign slogans are meant for publicizing a movement. A campaign is made more appealing to the masses by incorporating catchy lines over the board. Campaign slogans when witty and poignant are capable of bringing about the desired change for which the movement has been launched. The phrases exhibit the motive behind the campaign and when expressed powerfully, the movement can absolutely challenge the fallacies of the existing system. We also come across such slogans in schools and colleges where students organize strikes in order to fulfill their demands. So, if the move is at your doorstep and you are trying to compose campaign slogans, then this article will be of immense help to you.

Clever Campaign Slogans Ideas

Campaign slogans were adopted by political leaders and freedom fighters at the time of historical wars and political turbulence. They opted for clever slogans which could move the ruling party. Similar ideas are adopted for framing campaign slogans for school boards, political parties, workers, and treasurers as well. Here are the popular slogans used by renowned parties and leaders.

٭ No power to the imagination! ~ The Russian October Revolution
٭ Bigger cages! Longer chains! ~ The Anarchist Slogan
٭ Come and take it ~ The Battle of the Gonzales
٭ Each for all and all for each ~ The Reform League
٭ One people, one empire, one leader ~ The Nazis
٭ Everything within the state, nothing outside the state ~ The Italian Fascist Slogan
٭ There's always a victory to be achieved ~ The Communist Slogan of Che Guevara
٭ God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve ~ Anti Gay Slogan by Christians
٭ It's time ~ The Australian Labor Party
٭ Labor is not working ~ Saatchi and Saatchi Conservative Party
٭ No war but class war ~ The Marxist War
٭ Make love not war ~ Anti Vietnam War Slogan
٭ Never been had so good ~ The British Labor Party
٭ Vote for change ~ The British Conservative Party
٭ It's morning again in America ~ Ronald Reagan
٭ Don't stop thinking about tomorrow! ~ Bill Clinton
٭ Give us blood, I will give you freedom! ~ Subhas Chandra Bose
٭ Government of, by, and for the people...not the monied interests ~ Ralph Nader
٭ Yes we can! ~ Barack Obama
٭ Don't swap horses in midstream ~ Abraham Lincoln
٭ I propose (to the American people) a new deal ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt
٭ The strength and experience to bring real change ~ Hillary Clinton
٭ Change we can believe in ~ Barack Obama

Campaign Slogans for Student Council

This paragraph is dedicated to students who have mustered courage to challenge the weakness of the existing system. The common reasons behind launching campaigns at schools are fighting against reservation of seats, changing the faulty rules and reforming the existing educational system. Students call for hunger strikes for fulfilling their demands. Have a look at the ideas for school campaign slogans.

٭ It's the time for changes, let's feel it.
٭ Vote for 'Name', The reformer of 'school's name'!
٭ Taste the New, Quit the old!
٭ Welcome Bruno, we all love you.
٭ (Name) The best, forget the rest.
٭ Goodbye 'name'. It's time for you to leave.
٭ Peace we love, violence we despise.
٭ We want reformation!
٭ Where have you left your brain? Idiots quit ASAP!
٭ (Name): Because you're worth it.
٭ Talent cannot be compromised! Change the reservation quota!

Campaign Slogans for Treasurer

Such campaign slogans are raised against treasurers of schools, companies and organizations. People raise their voice against treasurers when he manhandles the finances and his irresponsible attitude causes problems to the company and the employees all together. Under such circumstances, the slogans are short and crisp, targeting the person and his lacunae exactly. You can grab the ideas from the examples of campaign slogans for treasurers written in the content below.

٭ It's a count on count! Can u count Mr. Treasurer?
٭ The economy is bleeding! It high time to change!
٭ Will you bank on us? In return we shall vote.
٭ Where's the money Treasurer Lord? Show us please.
٭ Always 'name', the perfect treasurer! Vote for him!
٭ Here's the real treasure! Execute in the right direction!
٭ Cash flows, cash goes! Mr. 'name' is permanent! Vote Vote!

To be precise, the slogans should not be too long, instead they should be to the point. Jot simple words and make sure everyone understands the language and the purpose of the campaign. Be creative and utilize your intellect at the right moment in order to succeed in your purpose. A well-organized campaign, delivering heated slogans can challenge anyone to make a move.