56 Clever Name Ideas for a Plumbing Business That Stand Out

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56 Clever Name Ideas for a Plumbing Business

The plumbing business, or for that matter, any business needs a cool, catchy name in order to spark attention. Clever name ideas for a plumbing business are likely to attract a decent client base.

Plumbing business

Plumbing involves work, like fixing up leaking sinks, faucets, piping, drainage systems, etc. Plumbers also ensure if customers get proper, purified drinking water. If you know the technical know-how, or have completed an apprenticeship from a good company, starting a home-based plumbing business can be a good idea. It does not require extensive capital, however, like all entrepreneurial ventures, it requires decent advertising and creative business names.

Creative Name Ideas for a Plumbing Business

Funny names

Cool, funny names might sound unprofessional, but they attract clients.

– Strain the Drain
– Clippin’ Around the Pipin’
– The Plumber with the magic number
– Water Problem Under the Sink
– Too much of a Strain
– Handle the Overflow
– Take a plunge with the plumber

Use puns and rhyming words for funny plumbing company name ideas.

– Leaky sinks and pipings
– First we drill, then we bill
– A Flood of Plumbers
– The Old Service Pipes down
– Flo’s Go with the Flow
– Unclogged Faucets
– Sump Pumps Services

Family names

Using your name/family name is a very common idea, yet, you can make it creative by incorporating some sophisticated acronyms.

– J&K Plumbings
– Parker’s Plumbing Services
– Pipings at Peter and Co.
– RC Plumbers to the Rescue
– Frank’s Good Plumbin
– Drain it with the Wilson Bros

– Down the Pipe at the Whittaker’s
– Barry’s Pipe Musings
– You got the Drain made with the Warrens
– Larry’s Rusty Sinks
– Save your Sinks with B&B
– Brad’s Plumbing Company
– Colin Special Strainers
– Roland’s Plumbing Services

Tool names

Using plumbing tools can define your business better than the word itself. They have a profound effect and will sound classy, when used well.

– Wrench it up!
– 3-piece Chisels and Co.
– Plumbing Plugs for You
– Crimpers Pvt Ltd.
– The Pipe Wrenchers
– Hack Saw to the Rescue

– Drill the Sink
– Pliers on the go
– Nuts and Bolts
– Torches for the Faucet
– Drainers with Strainers
– Tubing with Benders
– Torque Wrenches Pvt. Ltd.
– Tap the Driver

Technical names

Not many might be aware of authentic plumbing terms. But some words are fairly common, they will enhance your business name.

– We use Copper Pipings
– Chloride Pipe Services
– Fixing the Leaky Pipes
– Rusty Iron and Co.
– Tighten the Taps
– Galvanized Steels Pvt. Ltd.
– Journey with the Journeyman

Using names with technical terms sounds professional and has a long-lasting impression.

– Exceptional Anti-Siphons
– Single Basic Controls
– Flush it up pronto
– Suctions and Stopper valves Pvt. Ltd.
– T-Bolt Systems
– Teflon Tapes and Co.
– Fix the Gaskets and Plungers

Things to Remember

  • Using a location to name your business can be a bad idea, because if you do so, people will be under the assumption that you service only that area or vice versa.
  • For instance, consider the name “Kentucky Plumbing Services”. In this case, either you service the whole of Kentucky or a part of it, or perhaps even beyond the place. But your name here indicates that you might be servicing only the Kentucky area, which means that even when you are willing to offer your services some place else, you may not get clients. Or you may be servicing only a part of Kentucky, and people might assume that your service extends to the whole of it.
  • Using puns is great of course, but do not make them sound too cliched. Puns are a very simple, yet complicated figure of speech, and using them at the right place for the right reason will fulfill their purpose. But using them the wrong way might make the name look hilarious and unprofessional.
  • Try not to incorporate metaphors into your name. This strategy goes well with famous, well-known brands.While trying to make the name sound clever and creative, do not go overboard.
    Reduce the obscurity in the name.
  • Try to avoid names that have no linguistic sense, i.e., the ones that technically have no meaning. These work well for businesses that are established and have a huge marketing budget. If you are just starting your business, it may not work for you.
  • If, by chance you have chosen a name that does not make your business work, do not get bogged down or refuse to change the name; instead, try manipulating the existing one by using simple tricks, like phonetics and abbreviations.
  • In the pursuit of using descriptive names, do not go down the common name route.
  • Truncation sounds good, but again, be cautious about not overdoing it.Heard of the sayings, “Many hands make light work” and “Too many cooks spoil the broth”? Quite paradoxical, aren’t they? You certainly need to take the advice of friends and family, but remember, do not rely on everyone’s suggestions and get confused. Use your own brains and instinct to come up with something natural.

A plumbing business can be very profitable. Do not solely concentrate on choosing the right name. The catchy title will attract customers initially, but later, it is the service that matters the most. Plumbing is a domestic problem and customers can be highly moody unless you give them exceptional service. Therefore, after choosing the right name, focus on improving customer experience.

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