9 Common Mistakes That New YouTubers Should Avoid

YouTube has become the largest video sharing website in the world. With thousands of videos uploaded every hour, there's a mad rush for the number of views for these videos as well. For a video to become successful, it becomes essential that it is uploaded without any mistake.
MarketingWit Staff
Camera Quality
Using low quality camera
One of the common mistakes that new YouTubers make is using a low quality camera. YouTube is all about videos, so there's no point in uploading a video which cannot be seen properly. A proper camera, good amount of light, proper editing, and good audio quality is a necessity for a video to gain more views on YouTube.
Name of the channel
Inappropriate Channel Name
Many new YouTubers commit the mistake of not selecting an appropriate channel name, which makes them lose out on views on their videos. It is important to select an appropriate channel name. Your channel name should be catchy and different for your videos to get more and more views. Also, do not copy the channel name of some other video. Your channel name should be unique and stand out from the million others.
Not Rehearsing
Until and unless you are exceptionally good at making things up on the spot, don't try doing it. Your viewers certainly don't want to listen to your 'uhhs' and 'umsss' in the video. Rehearsing properly before recording is always advisable.
Channel name
Not Linking to Social Media Websites
Link your videos to your social media websites. It helps your user find the videos and also connect to you easily. Also, one should be careful while using hash tags in a video, as a large proportion of the audience uses hash tags to see a particular video.
Not Commenting Back
As a new user, make it a point to reply to the viewers as much as you can. This creates a positive impression among users, as they feel connected and special. Do this for them, and they will return you the favor. Not replying to comments will simply make your viewers lose interest in your videos.
Ineffective Comments
Many a time, we see people commenting on videos, like 'Nice video. Check out my video (and the link). This should be strictly avoided. Nothing annoys a YouTube user more than this. Instead, put some valuable comment on that video which will be appreciated, and people will like to know more about you.
Video screen
Long Videos
A mistake committed by YouTube newbies. They upload a video which is too long for anyone's attention span. If you upload a video that is too long, viewers will lose interest in it. But then, this does not mean that you make the video so short that viewers do not understand what the video was about.
People conversing
Time Gap Between Videos
There should be a time gap between uploading your videos. The mistake that new YouTubers commit is that, if they do not get views on their upload, they either start uploading multiple videos, or do not upload any video at all. Instead of doing this, follow a regular time gap between your videos. But that doesn't mean that your videos have a time gap of a month or so. A proper time gap should be followed while uploading your videos.
Subscribe and comment
Not Asking to Subscribe and Comment
A very essential thing which new YouTubers need to do, is ask viewers to subscribe and comment at the end of all the videos. Many new YouTubers either forget to do this, or they simply don't want to do it.