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Company Slogan Ideas

Company Slogan Ideas

Catchy and effective slogans are what make people go for a product more than the actual functionality of the product itself. This article will give you some tips on how a good slogan can be drafted and also give you examples of a few.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Mar 16, 2018
When a company wishes to get itself recognized, what does it do? It takes on a big advertising firm, to market itself and its products. And what does the advertising company do? It comes up with creative slogans that will make the prospective customer take a second glance at it. So, what goes into coming up with these slogan ideas? Let's find out in this MarketingWit article.

Creating a Good Company Slogan

Most advertising company slogan ideas come out of the AIDA technique. What is this AIDA technique? It is an acronym for the four tiers that business advertising campaigns evolve from. They are
  • A-Attract: 'A'ttract the Attention of the prospective customer towards the product.
  • I-Interest: Create an 'I'nterest in the mind of the customer about the product.
  • D-Desire: Once the interest is created, see to it that there is a 'D'esire in the mind of the customer to own the product.
  • A-Action: If you're successful in creating the desire in the mind of the customer, the 'A'ction of buying the product, on the part of the customer is the next logical step.
Apart from the AIDA technique, there are also a few other details that an advertiser needs to keep in mind when drafting a slogan.
  • The first thing that you need to keep in mind is the needs, requirements and expectations of the client. The client will definitely have an idea of what he wants his product to be portrayed as. So, take your first cue from this and go about setting the tone of the slogan for the product.
  • If the client leaves the entire task to you, then you need to examine the product in detail in order to come up with the different appeals that you can attribute to the different features that it possesses.
  • Then, you've got to determine the audience that you intend to target with the slogan that you plan to coin. Missing this step can prove to be quite detrimental to the advertising efforts. This is because when you plan a campaign, you need to be able to relate to the people that you ultimately want to sell your product to.
  • The use of appropriate language, keeping in mind the presence and dominance of colloquialism in the different areas that you want to promote your product, is another factor that you must remember. Using language that a majority of the population within your target audience does not understand (no matter how ingenious it sounds) will spell disaster (literally and figuratively).
So keep these points in mind and you're sure to come with some really fascinating slogans. For now, let us see if we can come up with some good company slogans ideas. You never know, they could end up like so many of the famous slogans that we see today!

Good Ideas for Company Slogans

  • We Plan. We Execute. You Celebrate.
  • ...because we care about your home.
  • There's no better place to live!
  • If you've found a better place to live, it's most definitely our next project.
  • Why leave home?
  • We don't build houses, we build homes.
  • Magnificence is a habit!
  • Why bother looking elsewhere?
  • Building blocks of life.
  • For those in search of inner peace...
  • We thrive on your smiles.
  • Because you don't build a home everyday.
  • We're not overpriced, we're just precious!
  • For the best, and the rest!
  • Come, live a little!
Fast Food
  • For those who know their fast food.
  • You won't get the time to rethink, cos your order'll be ready in a blink!
  • Yummy! Yum! Yum!
  • We feed the best!
  • Smile away your rumblies!
  • No one's faster!
  • Crunchy Munchies!
  • If you think our food is delicious, you should check out our smiles!
  • What's not to love?
  • There's no place like ________!
  • For the true eater!
  • We'll drive away your hunger, one rumble at a time!
  • Truly Toothsome!
  • Crispy, crunchy, gooey, we have it all!
  • For the rock star in you!
  • Unleash the diva within!
  • Sparkle away!
  • For the rare ones...
  • Yesterday's sophistication in today's woman.
  • Stunning Scintillation!
  • Shine. Shimmer. Glow.
  • Crafted for the flawless!
  • The crowning glory, literally!
  • Sheer Style!
  • The perfect way to enter a woman's heart!
  • The genuine jewelry makers.
  • For a look that's brighter than the stars!
  • Oops! Did we just blind you?
Coining a catchy company slogan is not an easy task. You have to study, research and know your client in and out, to do full justice to the product and the brand name. And don't expect it to just fall into your laps! You'll have to work day and night, giving pitch after pitch, amidst personal problems, writers' blocks, and many other distractions, before your client finally likes one of your ideas. So, don't go solely by the feeble attempts at company slogan ideas that have been mentioned above. Think, create, and recreate, until you have a masterpiece before you! That's the only way to do it!
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