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Cool Restaurant Board Ideas

Cool Restaurant Board Ideas
A stylish restaurant menu board can be one of the first things to create an impression on your customer and lure him to your restaurant. The MarketingWit article below presents some cool restaurant board ideas.
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Always keep the menu as attractive as possible, that is to say, use photographs of food items and drinks.
You may have seen various restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, etc., displaying images of their dishes on display boards for everyone to see. Some restaurants have the day's special menu displayed outside or a gist of the foods available. Generally, the actual menu has an elaborate list of foods, but what catches a customer's immediate attention is the board hung outside.
It is vital that these boards are presented in the best way possible to entice customers. A bland, dull display may go unnoticed and subsequently fail to get customer's interested. The right mantra is to keep it simple yet chic. On that note, some unique restaurant menu board designs are enlisted in the paragraphs below.
Regular Menu Boards
Most simple menu boards consist of a large rectangular structure that displays images of popular dishes and a simple list of the foods served. The menu template is almost predictable - with rectangular strips containing the name of the dish or food, a brief description about the dish and price list underneath. Some popular designs are as shown below.
Old Wooden Signboard
Food Menu
Food Menu
Food Menu Bakery
You can experiment with different color combinations and faded backgrounds. This is decent enough, and convenient to display everything that is available. But it is not a sure-fire way to attract customers, which is why restaurants present a smaller menu board with the day's special items or the restaurant's specialty, or some of the signature dishes, on a smaller display board. This is experimented with, quite often, and owners have come up with newer and innovative methods of menu boards.
Chalkboard Ideas
Chalkboard ideas for restaurant menus are more common than you think, but you need to come up with creative ideas rather than the plain write-with-chalk-on-the-board. Embed the board in a wooden frame, use different colors, and pictures of food items to display what you sell. Another idea would be to use bulletin board ideas for the interiors of the restaurants. Some ideas on these lines are given below.
Menu Board With Cartoon Chef Woman
Despite a simple menu, the picture of the female chef and the burger adds to the beauty of the board.
Empty Blackboard With Kitchen Utensils
Using wooden cookware and decorating the blackboard with a wooden frame is a unique idea, and lends a different charm.
Fruits Menu
Using bulletin boards is a fairly common idea. Restaurant owners can pin attractive pictures of the food items with their names in a list; this idea is subtle and provides clarity.
Wood Texture
Using a semi-circular arc with a rectangular frame is also a common yet widely-used theme. The forte/specialty of the restaurant can be highlighted within the arc, and the dishes can be listed one below the other.
Realistic Template Blank White Menu Board Set Vector
Speaking of boards, colorful menu boards are in vogue. The picture above depicts menu boards outside a cafe that specializes in cakes, cookies, and the like, and the three boards capture their essence perfectly. Colorful and vibrant, with the right food posters, these boards look just fabulous.
Banner Designs
Projection Screen Illustration
A simple banner can be hung inside the restaurant that gives a gist of the menu. The USP of this place is cakes, and the cupcakes in the picture say it all, the names of the dishes adding to the appeal.
Blank Paper Scroll
More of scroll than a banner, this theme can be used as per the dishes served. In this case, it has been used by a coffee shop. The rough parchment look and the coffee icons lend a vintage charm.
Transparent Menu
Rustic Menu Background Glass Plate
Having been used for quite a while now, this idea is still considered relatively new. A glass frame on a wooden board looks rich and sophisticated, and is enterprising enough gain customer attention.
Rustic Boards
A rustic theme is one of the best for restaurants. Using wood not only gives the boards a classic ancient look, but is versatile and can be experimented with. Some interesting ideas are enlisted below.
Pizza Rustic Menu Design
With the photograph of the pizza encrusted in a wheel-like shape, the tablecloth design and the wooden background transport you to the authentic pizzerias of Naples.
Wine Bottle With Corkscrew On Wood
A rustic theme works best for pubs and bars as it adds a vintage charm.
Enjoy Your Meal
Wooden backgrounds work perfectly for grilled menus and barbecued items. The texture gives you a feel of wood fire and authentic gas ovens, and the smoked aroma―a perfect setting.
Picture Frame
Having a wooden clipboard over another wooden background with different shades is also a good idea. It gives the impression of a waiter actually noting down your order.
Set Of Kitchen Banners With Plates
Wooden Signboard
Different textures and colors can be used for rustic banners. The ones above can be used by restaurants or cafes that specialize in separate food items, or a particular food item with variations.
A plain whiteboard is a classic idea. It adds a regal touch and the checkered tablecloth provides a homely, picnic atmosphere.
Turquoise Wooden Background With High Resolution Top View Copy Space
Turquoise Wooden Background With High Resolution Top View Copy Space
Speaking of wood, colored display boards can be used, like the ones shown above that specialize in different food items.
Unique Design Ideas
Kitchen Tablecloth Wooden Spoon And Plank On Table Background
Using cookware always works best. And, using a chopping board is a lovely idea that conveys a homely, comfortable atmosphere.
infographic template
Colors need to be blended well to suit the cuisine. Even though the above design is fairly common, the use of different colors makes it unique.
plain design as restaurant board
This is a classic example of colors with sophistication. The zig-zag pattern on a sober background is one of the unique themes many restaurants are employing successfully in recent times.
Golden Chef Menu Template
How about using the color gold? Rich and royal, it blends effectively with the menu.
White Plate On The Table
Inscribing the menu on a plate with a golden ribbon is most certainly vibrant and cool.
Rustic And Modern Menu Template
The use of shell motifs and ladles along with the blue waters gives such a lovely feel, you cannot wait to taste the food!
Thinking of innovate and unique display boards can seem a bit tricky, but incorporating your USP with a creativity is sure to give you ideas that seem more and more innovative and out-of-the-box. Entertain your customers with the most attractive restaurant boards!