Write Guest Posts About Marketing

Here's an opportunity to write marketing guest posts in a new content format that lets you create immersive experiences for the users, thus boosting user engagement and giving you a higher ROI. Sign up with us.
Users do not prefer long-form posts. They remember information for a longer time when it is visual rather than textual. Isn't that a reason enough to shift to a new way of marketing? Well, we accept guest posts in an innovative content format that meets the needs of modern readers - AMP Stories.

Powered  by Google's AMP technology, these stories are highly engaging, fast-loading, mobile-focused and search engine-friendly. They have rich visuals and crisp content, thus saving the readers from information overload. These Visual Stories score high on user experience and help you attract a wider audience. Use them to your advantage. Sign up with us and start creating AMP Stories.

Even if you are a beginner, fret not about creating content. The stories format gives you an easy way to write marketing content online. You can write a line or two each about marketing techniques that worked for you, or put together some quick marketing tips and wrap your content into a visual story. If you are a professional writer, you can create marketing blog posts using the AMP Stories format and engage more users. And if you are into content marketing, you should make visual storytelling a part of your content promotion strategy to make your marketing efforts worthy of your time.