Hola! 82 Creative and Catchy Spanish Restaurant Name Ideas

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82 Creative and Catchy Spanish Restaurant Name Ideas

Español is a beautiful, lilting tongue that can cheer you up in the worst of moods! If you plan to open a Spanish restaurant, you have to consider the location, lease, loan, insurance, products, etc., but one of the important points you need to start thinking about right away is a suitable catchy, clever name. Naming a Spanish restaurant requires a bit of thinking.

Quick Tip while Naming a Spanish Restaurant

Spanish cuisine

While selecting creative and catchy Spanish restaurant name ideas, if you plan to use food items in the name, keep in mind that certain dishes are native to certain regions of the country. For example, ‘ropa vieja’, a meat dish, is popular in the Canary islands. Make sure you do not serve only that dish, but other specialties as well. This attracts potential customers, apart from a cute and unique name.

Use your name

– Paella de José
– Barra de desayuno de Teresa
– Inicio de Amanda
– Jamón y huevos con Leticia
– La Cocina De David
– Emma
– Especialidades de Daniel
– Juan y yo
– Casa de Mia
– María del Chef

– Cocine con Juan
– De Pablo restaurante
– Embutidos de Mateo
– Desayuno en Emilio
– Familiares Comidas de Rodrigo
– Variedades de Gabriella
– Bienvenido a Lucía
– Comidas de Carlos
– De Fernando Cocina
– Las comidas calientes a Franco

Use food

– Paella Especial
– Empanadas calientes
– La Casa de la Vendimia
– Sólo Churros
– La Cocina Rica
– Margaritas y aperitivos
– El Azafrán Tienda
– Buñuelos
– Deliciosa paella
– Cocido madrileño
– Fría Gazpacho
– Arroz Negro
– Unico Chireta

– Enorme Pudding
– Sopas y Ensaladas
– Tortillas de patatas
– Arroz a la Cubana
– Croquettes
– Tapas Picantes
– Bebidas y zarangollo
– Patatas Bravas
– Especialidades Marisco
– Salchichas Sabrosas
– Un plato de arroz
– Huevos revueltos Sólo
– Cuchifritos

Use humor

– Los Langostinos Alegres
– Los Tontos Codiciosos
– Comer y Beber
– La Cebolla Silvestre
– La Tequila Loca
– Quisquillosa Comida
– Para la Noctámbulo
– La Pequeña Mesa Divertido
– El Paraíso Cucaracha
– Los Platos Descuidados

A quick tip you need to remember while using funny names is that there are different variants for the word ‘funny’ in Spanish. Something that you think is funny may come across as rude, vulgar, even insensitive. So let the humor element be as subtle as possible, in fact, even something childish or immature will do, but do not go overboard with some word or phrase that might offend your customer.

Combine langauges

– Hot rollos
– Special especialidades
– Three tortillas
– Super empadanas
– My own churros
– Drinks con Chorizos
– My own restaurante
– Drinks con amigos
– Club de la Alimentación
– The Court of Aperitivos
– Little Carmelitas
– Sándwiches Triples
– Fritters with familia

– Frito Fish
– Pollo asado restaurant
– Cordero Specialties
– The Burrito Place
– The Enchiladas Country
– Rice primero, dessert siguiente
– Hot Salsa
– Sólo Eat
– Tortillas and Beans
– Divine Ensaladas
– Nachos with Salsa
– The Cool Restaurante
– My Huevos Rancheros

Tips for Choosing a Name

  • Involve your near and dear ones while choosing a name. They will be among your first customers, and perhaps, some of your regular ones too. You can take valuable suggestions from all.
  • Your name should be ‘sencillo’―simple and easy. Do not try to make up complicated names and end up with something that makes absolutely no sense.
  • The idea of using a combination of two languages will work out great―you will end up with something unique and sensible too.
  • Preferably, avoid funny names. Your idea of fun may or may not work in your favor.
  • Using the name of a popular dish is always a great idea.
  • Understand the differences in the usage of words―the same words may have different meanings in the dialects spoken in Spain, Latin America, Mexico, Central America, etc.

You can choose any attractive name for your restaurant of course; however, do not waste a lot of time on conjuring up a suitable name. You need to space out your priorities―after deciding the name, you have to concentrate on what you are going to offer, the ambiance, the specialty of the place, etc. So, buck up and move on! Buena suerte!

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