90 Extremely Creative Dog Walking Business Name Suggestions

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90 Creative Dog Walking Business Name Suggestions

As of today, dog walking is considered a full-fledged business. To lure potential clients, you need some good, clever, and creative dog walking business name suggestions.

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Why do you need a dog walker?

These days, people are so held up with work that they hardly find time to take their pets for a walk. Also, nobody has the time and patience to groom themselves, let alone their pets. However, if you have a dog, you have to ensure that he is not devoid of exercise and grooming. This is especially true for the richer crowd and many of them who own highly bred dogs, but are unaware of how to take good care of them. Here is where a dog walker steps in. You may find many students/people walking dogs as a part-time job; however, with really good breeds, you need to be careful to understand their moods and behavior. This is why you find many dog walking firms that hire people to walk the dogs. Cute and catchy dog walking business name ideas will help you attract more customers in this regard.

Humorous Names

Funny names

~ The Funny Bone
~ It’s Wuff time!
~ Sniffilicious!
~ The ‘Run and Fetch’ Agency
~ Wagging Along the Lanes
~ The ‘Bow Wow’ Services
~ Dog Walkies
~ Barking all the Way!
~ Pat Me, Please!
~ The ‘Woof Woof’ Agency
~ Race for the Bone Dog Walkers
~ Let’s Go for a Doggy Walk!
~ Play ‘Roll Over’ with the Pups!
~ Hotdogs with Hot Dogs!
~ DOGmatic Pet Services

~ Run on the Whistle Dog Walkers
~ Walk and Talk the Dog
~ The Doggie Army
~ Mission Puppy March!
~ Droopy Dog Whiskers
~ We are the Smart Canines
~ In & Out of the Leash
~ Sniff the Bone Agency
~ Smell the Dog Food Buddy!
~ Out for a Run Doggies!
~ Mmmm! Delicious Bones Dog Agency
~ Barkin’ Mad Dog Walkers
~ Summer Camp for the Pups!
~ A Doggilicious Walk!
~ Melting Eyes Puppy House

Names as per the Breed

Check the breeds

~ PAWmerians on the loose
~ The Afghans are Here!
~ Journey with the Labradors and Alsatians
~ The Poodle Parade
~ The Wagging Mongrels
~ The Chocolate Spaniel Team
~ We are the Great Danes!
~ The Super Doberman Services
~ Hangin’ Out with the Collies!
~ Trimmed Terrier Tails
~ Challenging the Yorkshires
~ The Dynamics of the German Shepherd
~ The Fuzzy Chihuahuas
~ Fun on the Run with the Bulldogs!
~ Superb Poodle Walk Business

~ Man the Collie Walking Grounds
~ The Hot Temper Alsatians
~ Cool It with the Husky
~ On the Set of the Spaniels
~ The St. Bernard Club
~ Pekingese with a Passion
~ The Furry Shepherds Dog Walking Services
~ Sniff the Doberman Agency
~ Walk with the Dalmatians
~ The Powerful Hound Dog Walkers
~ The Magnetic Welsh Terriers
~ Smooth Spaniel Puppies
~ The Wagging Tails of the Retrievers
~ Walk the Chow Chow
~ The Mainstream Greyhounds

Miscellaneous Names

Random names

~ Thumping Tails
~ Paddy Paws
~ Yelping Dogs
~ Sweet Puppy Smiles
~ Growling Grins Services
~ The Number One Pet Service Firm
~ Caring Dog Walking Services
~ The DOGistic Run Services
~ For the DOGaholics!
~ Paw Around the Snow Dog Walkers
~ Specialized Pet Walkers
~ The Fussy Canine Agency
~ Hit the Road with a ‘Woof’!
~ Adorable Pup Menace
~ The Four Paws Agency

~ Doggy Bundle of Joy
~ Of Dogs and Leashes
~ Chase Me Over Dog Walking Agency
~ Pretty Cranky Pets
~ We Are The Doggie Buddies
~ Floppy Ears Pet Services
~ The Faithful Furry Companion Agency
~ Man’s Best Friend Before Evolution
~ Playful Dogginess!
~ Creative Pup Mania
~ Mind the Huge Dogs
~ My Own Fierce Doggy
~ Stylish Pup PAWstures
~ Soft Furs Dog Walking Services
~ Leash the Dog Services

Things to Consider

  • Before starting the business, understand the prerequisites: (i) You need to understand dog behavior to an extent at least; (ii) You need to have a strong love and affinity towards dogs, in general.
  • Why are the two points above so important? It is because you will be hiring people who will be spending quite some time with the dogs. Unless you understand dogs well, you will not be able to decipher how the person you hire will behave with them.
  • Moreover, unless you yourself have an affection for these animals, how will you think of their well-being, food, and exercise?
  • There is a thin line between clever and stupid. Do not go overboard with your names that might scare your clients away.
  • Your company name should speak for itself; people should understand that you are in the dog walking business. Do not forget to use an appropriate logo.
  • Using the name ‘dogs’ or anything to do with dogs is one of the sure shot ways of attracting customers.
  • You can borrow some name suggestions for your dog walking business from people who have been in the venture before (or still are) or involve your friends and family to suggest a good name.

Experts vouch that dog walking is one of those potential businesses that is recession-proof. Even amidst a sinking economy, those who can afford it, prefer hiring dog walkers to ensure complete pet care. So, if you love dogs and have certain business acumen, roll up your sleeves and start your dog walking company! Good luck with it!

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