150 Stunningly Creative Name Suggestions for Your New Blog

Creative name suggestions for your new blog
Today, blogging has become the preferred option for establishing your presence on the web. Buzzle, here, gives you a list of 150 creative name suggestions for your new blog.
"A consistent presence across the web is crucial for a strong brand, so I've used my blog name on most social networks. Where possible I've tried to create a link between Flights. Camera. Satisfaction. and my personal profile."

― Ben Whittard, British expat, Blogger
A blog is a personal webpage where one can submit posts and articles, opine about different facts and events, chat, promote or advertise through links. Be warned that a blog is not a website, it is an online platform for an individual or a group of individuals to voice their thoughts and ideas in the form of posts. An individual can create a blog for a number of reasons―merely chatting, interacting with friends, recording opinions, and most importantly, writing.

Just like any brand or product, what attracts people most to a blog is its name. The name needs to be catchy, unique, cute, or clever, depending on your niche. So, if you are searching for an apt name for your blog, read the following paragraphs that list out a number of creative blog name suggestions.

Unique Blog Name Ideas

Beauty Blog

Makeup and beauty conscious individuals have come up with a number of blogs to update and share information about the latest brands of cosmetics. Take inspiration from some of the following beauty blog name ideas.

You gotta beauty!
Mascara flame-up
9 Beauty Secrets
Glossy Musings
Pamper Yourself
Organic Touch-ups
Mysterious Senses
D Cosmetic Mistress
All of us luv d Mirror
Lavenders and Pinks
Lace your lovely face
Get the Vanity Box
Exotic Beauty whims
Keya's 7 Treasures
Ravishing Ramblings

Fashion Blog

Keeping abreast regarding fashion trends is the epitome of a woman. No, no, I am not injecting any chauvinism here, just being factual, and it is a matter of pride girls! Coco Chanel had said, Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down to view some of the most creative fashion blog name ideas.

Fusions & Fashions
Glam it up right here
Silks and Linens
Style Statements
Silken Temptations
Stylists' Bonanza
Bangs and Fringes
You got d designer
My Haute Couture
Expert Musings
Classiest Clothing
The Wow factor
Style D Dress wid Me
Elegant buzzword
Designer Merge

Travel Blog

Traveling brings the world closer, and if you are a well-traveled, well-read person, you need to showcase your knowledge. Go through the following travel blog name ideas.

Zoom the world
Adventures N More
Mysterious Roads
Pack, Board, & Move
Runaway Tramps
Dream of the Road
Around the Globe
Escape the Confines
The Boat Explorers
Infectious Travels
Nomadic Trekkers
Horses and Rivers
Kool Caves n more
My Gypsy Camps
Look at D World

Food Blog

Well, is there anyone in the world whose mouth does not water while reading lip-smacking recipes? I guess not. Borrow delicious food blog name ideas from the following list.

Yum Bacon Rashers
Egg Whites'n Yolks
Meet, Greet, & Eat!
Yummylicious Core
My Kitchen Aromas
Budget-Free Meals
Grind the Batter
Chocolaty Treats
Fruits and Salads
Decorate the Platter
Bring on a Snack
Cheesy Spreads
Cook the Dishes
Aromatic Flavors
The Oven Mistress

DIY Blog

Creating something out of nothing is a talent beyond explanation, for that matter, merely creating something artistic on your own is something to be proud of. If you fall in this category and wish to share your ideas with everyone, read the names below for your DIY blog.

Eco-Friendly Goals
Decorate the Pots
My Arts and Crafts
Tastefully Loaded
The Artistic Arsenal
Fragile Lanterns
Incenses & Candles
Cut-outs and Arts
Origami Illusions
Creative Corners
Design'n Decorate
Fairy Lights & Glam
Draw, cut, & paste
Artistic Patterns
Domestic Beauty

Technical Blog

For all those techies and gadgetophiles out there, fret no more! Concentrate on what you wish to share on your technical blog, and forget the hassle of selecting the name, for you can borrow one from the list below.

Techie Tips with Me
Software Structures
Workshop Machines
Tweet the Program
Have a Cuppa Tech
Oliver's TechMech
Special Instructables
Black'n White Boxes
Read Write Learn
Techsavvy Technique
Design and Analyze
Pass on the Program
Process computers
Essential Electronics
Hardware Dynamics

Business Blog

Select efficient, yet creative names for your business blog. The subject is serious, so the name should sound professional. Still, do not make it so serious that people do not come to the page at all. Think of some names as follows.

Cool the Audits
Finance My Business
Money & money
Economics Meter
Bundle the Cash
Insurance Center
Financial Lockers
Investment Banks
Business Magnate
Advice 4m d Tycoons
Deposit & Withdraw
Wrong Investments
Scheming Business
Bizness Domains
Kudos to Finance

Literature Blog

Literature blogs will take you through a journey of the classics, poetry and more, to a destination from where you would not want to return. But remember, even though Shakespeare said, "What's in a name?", here, everything is in the name. Read the following list of unique blog names and choose one for yourself.

The Classy Classics
Thou Art the Best
Shakespearean Wine
Mind-healing & Robert Frost
Rocking Brontës
Austen's Magic
Rhetorics and Phonetics
Knowledge Pools
Memories with Dickens
Tragedies in Comedies
Metamorphic Pages
Renaissance Existence
A Poetic Journey
A Vintage Print
Earnest Dramatics

Science Blog

Many people love to discuss the latest scientific theories and innovations, some even love to discuss scientists, their biographies, and their inventions. Scientific historians, especially, would love to have a common platform where they can talk, discuss, and share related information with people who understand them the best. For all those science enthusiasts out there, here is a comprehensive list of blog names that you can use.

Chemical Technokrats
Reaction with the Ethers
Visuals with Microscopes
Zoom with the Scientists
Freakonic Science
Creativity in Science
Apparatus and Observations
Knowledge n Debates
Quick Shots & Solutions
Lab info on the go
Nomenclature Connect
Biological Taxonomies
Clone Fascination
Fly with the Perennials
Arty Science Fictions

General Blog

If you just wish to share information, stories, jokes, anecdotes, and interact with different people, here are some good blog name ideas.

Chat Away all night
Hot and Kool Exteriors
Why Moral Scruples?
Blogit with Emily
A Kate Wilson Tour
Pink studio space
Gorgeous Floral Patterns
Lilacs and Pansies
Sunday Koffee with Kevin
Climb the Mountains
Urban Prairie grasslands
Save Nature campaign
Of gardens and plants
Sweet Sunday Sensations
50 chocolates with Sandra

Simple Rules to Select a Good Blog Name
  • You will have to first consider your niche, and accordingly, select a theme. For instance, if cooking is your niche, your name should be centered around food.
  • Do not have a long name so that it looks like a sentence. At the same time, let it not be too short such that readers fail to understand what the page is all about.
  • Try to drop 'The' before the name, and make sure to use the alphabets sensibly.
  • Something rhythmic can set off the mood immediately.
  • Keep a name that matches your domain name (.com or .net).
  • The name should be easy to spell, remember, and pronounce. Double-check the phonetics.
  • Take suggestions from family and friends.
Off late, blogging has become quite a profession. What begun as a hobby has now converted to business for a few. Advertising your blog on social media sites helps gain followers and consequently, money follows. Anyway, if you're an amateur, you still have a long way to go. So for now, work on choosing the right name and deciding what your blog will consist of so that readers are hooked on to it. All the best!