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Custom Neon Signs

Custom Neon Signs

Psychedelic, blinding, but always fascinating, neon signs are synonymous with hoardings and motels on the highway. Here we will tell you more about how you can get custom neon signs made for your own use.
Tulika Nair
How many times have you had the feeling of familiarity sink in as the plane you are a passenger in flies into your city's airspace and you see that huge neon sign that signals your hometown? You can see them from a distance. They are bright, colorful, and brilliant. Neon signs are something that all of us are familiar with. Neon signs are a part of our culture and history. In fact the history of neon signs will tell you that in the 1940s there were as many as 2000 shops in New York alone that were working in the business of producing custom neon signs. In the recent past though, neon signs have become less popular for commercial usage and there are many preservationists working on restoring vintage and antique neon signs.

Overview of Custom Neon Signs

For a commercial business or even a shop, having a neon sign can be the best way as the first level of attracting customers. The lure of a bright sign screaming the names of the wares inside the house can be too much to ignore. Neon signs that have been customized are used for a variety of places including advertising hoardings, publicity boards, transportation, theaters, auditoriums, hotels, and even interiors of a house. But even if you do not have your own business, you can always choose to use neon signs at your home as a nice design element. It can be a fun ingredient to add to your room, especially if you like a psychedelic feel. Creating a neon sign for your own business or house is an extremely easy thing to do. All you need to do is find someone who works with neon signs and who can create one for you according to your design needs.

How do neon signs work? Well, the concept on which neon signs function was first discovered by Jean Picard in 1675. He noticed that a mercury barometer tube has a faint glow which when shaken produces a barometric light. But at that point of time, this phenomenon was not understood since even electricity was not discovered then. The first step towards the making of the neon signs was established with the invention of the Geissler tube in 1855. With this invention it was possible to make a tube glow when the gas present inside it was placed under conditions of low pressure and electric voltage was applied to it. The next important milestone was the discovery of neon gas in 1898. It was in 1902 though, that Georges Claude invented what is now known as the neon lamp, when he passed electric current through a tube that contained neon. This experiment made the tube glow brightly. He displayed this invention in public in 1910, and obtained a patent for it in 1915. And this heralded the movement of using neon signs.

When you customize neon signs, you create colored lines with tubes that can be used to create different texts and images. This is why the usage of neon signs is widespread in advertising. There is a possibility of creating many different image and text patterns using neon signs as you can decide which parts you want to switch on and which parts you want to switch off. There is no limit to the variety of color choices that are available to you to create neon signs. Also they are very durable and have a long life. Since they are also low on maintenance, they make for the perfect way to advertise your business, use it for architectural lighting, or even for theatrical sets. If you are getting custom neon signs made, then you may be charged for the same depending on the material that you are using, the size of the sign, the height and weight of the same, and in some cases the reason for manufacturing the sign.

Neon signs are beautiful and if used well, can be perfect additions to your interiors. Not only do these have mood elevating effects but it also helps by improving the natural light in the room more efficiently.