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Custom Refrigerator Magnets as Promotional and Advertising Items

Roy D'Silva Jan 23, 2019
Home refrigerator magnets are a good way to spruce up a dull and dreary refrigerator. That's not the only thing though―a small entrepreneur can actually use it as advertising collateral. Here's more...
Advertising has made a foray into almost every aspect of our lives. We are surrounded by advertising almost everywhere we go, be it on the way to work, be it at the workplace, lunchtime, or be it even on the Internet.
However, there are very few things that have got guaranteed eyeball views all day, everyday. TV spots get over, Internet ads have ad-blindness to combat, and flyers... well, they fly away.
So, where do we find some advertising strategy that is good, permanent, and will also make the people actually use it? Of course, home décor like furniture and stuff comes to mind, but how nice would be having a television that has a blatant 'Watch This Television Only With SnackSmacks! It's the Smacks!' poster right below it?
So, once we agree upon the fact that in-house advertising should be subtle, classy, and non-disturbing, we have to look for advertising that is subtle, classy, and does not look too cheap.
One good option is refrigerator magnets. They serve dual purposes. For one, they actually add some designs to the dull and staid refrigerator, and two, they are a very good way of advertising inside the house.

Custom Refrigerator Magnets

These are available in the market, so one can have almost any design and concept they think about as a refrigerator magnet. That movie you just saw, that funky saying that just popped onto your mind, and almost anything and everything is possible in the exciting world of these magnets.
They can be stuck on almost any part of the refrigerator, leaving, of course, the back. The most common place to stick these magnets is at the door of the refrigerator. Therefore, they are sometimes called refrigerator door magnets.
Fridge magnets can be of any concept or design―there is simply no end to the number of designs that are available. Therefore, they can be used to promote any business or event. The refrigerator is actually the center of the household, with almost every family member going to the fridge at least once in a day (make that five on any sports day).
Therefore, one can have a guaranteed audience along all ages for their advertisement or promotional stuff. So, refrigerator magnets can be used to advertise almost anything, as they have the captured viewership of the entire household. From home rentals to the toyshop, these magnets act as excellent promotional material.


Keep in mind, refrigerator magnets serve no other purpose than to spruce up a dull and dreary refrigerator door. Therefore, the magnet should be of good quality, as also the artwork on the magnet head itself.
If they are not, your much-thought-about concept will lie unused somewhere in some cupboard around the house. Therefore, before ordering for that cart-lord, make sure to look into a lot of samples.
There is, but, just one disadvantage of the refrigerator magnet. If it is used for a long time, the paint at the spot, exactly where the magnet is will fade off. There are also chances of a magnet catching static that may give the user a little electrical experience the next time they open the fridge door.