54 Cute Names for a Pet Store That'll Lead to More Customers

Cute pet store names
To attract animal lovers to your pet store, you need a really unique and catchy name. This Buzzle article provides you with 54 cute pet store names.
Quick Tip
Incorporating puns in your store name is a great idea, though this has been used several times now. Do not go overboard; use a pun only if it sounds fairly amusing and not idiotic, or else you'll end up driving your customers away.
Opening a pet store, like any other business, requires time, effort, and investment. You must have an extensive knowledge about animals. Solely dogs and cats may not necessarily qualify for a pet store; it also includes housing mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, etc.

Some stores have most of the animals, including reptiles, while some have a selected few - like either dogs and cats, or dogs, cats, and mice. Then again, there are some which solely have birds or reptiles. You need to think of a creative pet store name in order to lure clients. The paragraphs below enlist cute pet store name ideas.

List of Pet Store Names

Tickle the Funny Bone

A funny element in your store name can always make your customers chuckle. Some funny pet store names are provided below.

Bow Wow Meetings
Devilish Paws
Stylish Whiskers
Fins & Gills
Bow, Meow, & Squeak!
PAWlicious Bones
Check Out Our Furs!
Freaking Hot Dogs
Your Feathery Friends
Squeaks and Squawks
Puppy Love
Lousy Mousy Store
Welcome to the Piggy Bank
I Have the Furrrr-dum
Mousse with a Mouse
Cats 'n Mice & Mil 'n Cheese
Furry Coats
Of Pee and Potty

Depend on the Pet

If you house exotic birds in your shop, or interesting reptile species, or aquatic animals, name your store accordingly.

Screech Screech You Parakeet
Clippin' Around the Mice
Multicolored Beaks
Missing Fishing
Feathery Musings
Count the Chicks
The Pet Mansion
The Mouse Palace
Woof or Wuff?
Thump Thump Goes My Tail
Ham with the Hamsters
Cutie Kittens
Barking Mad!
Meowing Innocence
Bubbly Cuddly Rabbits
Somethin's Fishy!
Goldfish Treasures
Rainin' Cats and Dogs

Use Pet Supplies

Porcelain Aquariums
Dog Food Cat Food
Dish and Bowl
Un-Leash the Magic
Striking Feed
Collar Brains
No Cage, Only Perch
Clippin' with the Trimmer
Stuffed Yarn Balls
Kennels and Beds
Brush my Fur
Cool Deshedders
Feeder Tantrums
Cozy Nesting Boxes
Beaks and Liners
Hissing Scales
Vivacious Vivariums
Heated Enclosures

Some Points to Remember
  • People visit pet stores to buy pets; ensure that your subjects are clean, healthy, well-cared for. Not just for the sake of the customer, but also because they are living beings and need to be well-treated.
  • Ensure that the animals are treated and vaccinated regularly.
  • Do not keep mice, hamsters, and rabbits in tiny cramped cages. The enclosures of the pets should be hygienic and well-maintained.
  • Stock the store with pet supplies, medicines, food, etc.
You may also choose a simple name if you want, instead of incorporating unnecessary elements. However, the market is tough; you must do all that you can in order to attract customers, and having a catchy store name is one of those gimmicks.