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Creatively Brilliant Ideas for Daycare Names

Daycare Names
As daycares are a kind of business, they also need to be named. Choosing good daycare names can certainly be a confusing task. However, with some simple considerations, you can select the appropriate one for your daycare business.
Stephen Rampur
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Selecting a suitable name for your daycare business can be a quite challenging task, as there are many things that you would need to think of before finalizing on a particular name. Since your business is regarding taking care of children, the name should be somewhat simple, cute, and sweet.
How to Name a Daycare?
While deciding on daycare names, remember that you are in a childcare business. Therefore, try not to be very serious on the names. Simply consider names that would be appealing to both, parents as well as children. Funny and creative daycare names generally attract attention of the parents and guardians, so try to be as unique and creative in coming up with the most suitable name.

You need to ensure if the name which you are considering is not the name of another business. Keeping names similar to that of other business entities can put you into trademark issues and legal formalities. You can even refer to the names of other childcare businesses to get ideas for creative and unique names. But try not to name your business with a name somewhat similar to your competitors'.

You can discuss potential names with your friends and family members. Ask all your friends and family members to brainstorm prospective names, and you note down each one of the names. It is not that you have to only choose from those names. It is just because, going through the list would enable you to make new and unique names.

In choosing a name for a daycare business which has a preschool system, it is better to include words that would relate to child development. Such words can be learning, education, development, etc. If the business does not have a preschool system, it is suggested that you select names which have words like play, fun and learn, and adventure. You should not use the business owner's name or the location where the daycare is situated. Another good idea is to use adjectives that describe the qualities of children. Examples include innocent, sweet, cute, joyous, precious, and so on.

Following is a list of some of the common daycare names that are used by businesses around the world. However, you need to refer to these names just for the sake of getting new ideas regarding unique names for your business.
Some Popular Daycare Names
Teens reading to children Layered Also available in black-and-white, 024_9803 Listen carefully A day
-- Sweet Hearts
-- Mini Miracles
-- Mother Land
-- Sweet Second Home
-- Everyday Sunshine
-- Rise and Shine
-- Kiddie College
-- Country Kids
-- Lollipops
-- Sweetie Pie
-- Children in Learning
Children playing at day care table Color Illustrator Ver. 3 Layered Playing in harmony Teamwork
-- Wee Kids
-- Kidz Corner
-- Bright Minds
-- Helping Hands
-- Paradise Kiddie
-- Kids Castle
-- Little Harvard
-- Children's Choice
-- Homey Land
-- The Fun House
-- Pitter Patter
Daycare Center
-- Kids Zone
-- The Growing Patch
-- Caterpillar Clubhouse
-- Learning Ladder
-- Kiddie Junction
-- Kids Paradise
-- Tot Spot Educare
-- Learning Center
-- Little Steps
-- Wonder Kids
-- Kid Logic
-- Just like Home
kids are playing.
-- Little Angels
-- Future Scholars
-- The Big House
-- Reading Rainbows
-- Caring & Sharing Daycare
-- Kids' Ark
-- Early Bird Daycare
-- Happy Hearts
Window and kid
-- Small Miracles
-- Precious Moments
-- Bright Beginnings
-- Angel Academy
-- Kidspace
-- Childtime Learning
-- Center Little Rascals
-- Wee Watch
-- Brighter Horizons
-- Kool Kidz
-- Peace of Mind Daycare
Boys and girls playing with balls
-- Kids' Home
-- Cutie Pies
-- Tutor Time
-- Tender Moments
-- Wonderland
-- Angel Keepers
-- The Cradle
-- Kids Clubhouse
-- Busy Bees
-- Kinder Kollege
-- Happy Faces
Remember that choosing daycare names is the most important part of starting a daycare business, and has a substantial impact on the success and reputation of your business in the long run. After selecting a name, it is better to choose a proper logo and a tag-line for your business. A tag-line or a motto surely adds up to the identity of the business.