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4 Super Easy Tips to Make Direct Mail Marketing Work Brilliantly

Uttara Manohar May 13, 2019
If you are chalking out a marketing plan for your business, and are planning to use direct mail as a strategy, then these tips will help you do just that, without experiencing any trouble.
Any business or organization cannot succeed to the fullest extent unless it establishes a bond of trust and goodwill with its end users. Often, there exists a retailer or a middleman between the manufacturer and the customer/end user, who facilitates trade.
However, in order to increase sales, or establish brand identity, the manufacturer or the organization always has to make an effort to reach out to its customers on a one-to-one level.
This is where the concept of marketing comes in. The manufacturers come up with the most innovative and convincing ways to grab the customers' attention, and attract them towards buying their products or services.
Marketing is all about establishing healthy communication ties between the manufacturers and the end users of a particular product or service.
Direct mail marketing refers to the practice of using conventional snail or paper mail to communicate with the customers. It allows the manufacturers to communicate with the customers on a one-on-one level; however, much thought has to be put into the whole process, for the effort to bear fruit.

Tips for a Successful Plan

Direct mail marketing can be effective only if certain rules are followed by the businessmen. Here are some things you should keep in mind:

Avoid Spam

Do not make your mail look like spam; make sure it gives the appearance of an authentic and credible document. Customers rarely respond to spam mails. Do not bombard the customers continuously, since this can seem a bit pushy. Send the mails at reasonable intervals so that the customers do not feel like you are trying too hard to market yourself.

Conduct Surveys and Research

It is always better to carry out a customer survey or research, to fathom the public opinion and find out what changes need to be incorporated into your marketing strategy. Create a specialized database of customer contacts with attention to individual preferences. This helps you to know what your customers want.

Personalize It

Marketing is all about making the customer feel special. Always personalize your communication to make the customers feel more special. Address it directly to a particular person for example, To: Mr. John Smith. In case you really want to cheer the customers, send along a free gift to grab their attention and create a 'feel-good' factor.

Be Concise and Clear

Do not beat around the bush when it comes to your content - talk numbers and facts. Explain your offer in a brief and clear way. People like to know why you have sent the mail, without reading too much. If possible put a headline on the envelope so that the person knows what the mail is all about.
Keep the content short and succinct. If there is too much of text, then break the monotony with the use of attractive graphics and pictures.

Encourage Response

Many times, it happens that the customers might just read your message and forget about it, unless you encourage them to take some immediate action.
Two-way communication is always more effective, and encourages your customers to respond to you. Send along a suggestion or membership form, which will act as an invitation for them to get back to you, and then move things further.