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What are Eco-Friendly Business Cards?

Madhura Pandit May 13, 2019
Business cards play an important role in promoting your business. If you are thinking of going green, try the new eco-friendly cards.
Business cards should convey the right information about you and your company. These days, newer, unusual cards are in demand as they help individuals and businesses to stand out. With these cards, a positive and long-lasting impact can be made on your clients. They are available in a variety of patterns, textures, sizes, and colors.

Environmentally-Friendly Cards

Eco-friendly notebooks, papers, notepads, etc., are commonly used today. Due to the various benefits, organizations have also started opting for cards made using eco-friendly paper.
These cards are biodegradable because they are made using recycled paper. The ink used is vegetable based or biodegradable ink, which is made from soybean or corn oil. It is available in different colors and is just like ordinary ink. The only difference is that vegetable ink takes a little longer to dry.
You will also find cards that have environmental pictures and messages on them. Cards picturing flowers, leaves, Earth, water, etc., with messages like 'Protect Earth', 'Save Water', etc., belong to this category. Ready-made templates of these designs are also available. You can have your data printed on these cards to create environmental awareness.

Making Your Own Card

You can get these cards made from a local printing store or even order them online. But, this can be expensive. On the contrary, making your own business cards is inexpensive and a great option. To make a green business card, you will need to buy recycled paper, which is available in a large variety of colors.
Using a suitable software, you can create a business card in the desired pattern. You can use different colors, pictures, and fonts of your choice. If you cannot get vegetable based ink, you can use ordinary ink.
These cards also have a few disadvantages. There are not glossy and waterproof like other business cards. Secondly, printing on both sides of these cards can cost a lot of money.
As a quick tip, order or make only those number of business cards that are actually required. This way, you can save a lot of paper as well as ink. This small gesture of yours can help in protecting the environment.
Having a green business card is a great way to be different from others, as well as protect the environment. With these cards, you can create a distinguishable identity and also 'Go Green'!