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Best Practices in Email Marketing

Palmira S Mar 14, 2019
If you follow the best practices prevalent in email marketing, your products' sales can reach its peak. There are different strategies that companies employ to reach out to their target group better.
In email marketing, the Internet is used as a means of communication, and it is considered to be a source of direct email marketing. Different companies opt for different practices according to their needs. Here are a few practices which can be taken up by an organization.

Avoid Spam Filters

Most Internet service providers have started using rigorous spam protection mechanisms for trapping unsolicited junk mail before it reaches the receiver's inbox.
Spam filters rank each email according to different criteria, and if the mail is rated above a particular number of points, it is marked as spam and deleted. Avoid the usage of words such as, 'Free', 'Save', 'Discount', etc., in the content or in the subject line as it might be considered as spam.

Maximize Click Through Rates

Avoid the usage of text and graphics that do not lend much value while marketing your product, as it might make it tough for the subscriber to search a particular task, like clicking a link, and reading some important and useful information.
According to a research, customers respond substantially to bold and underlined text, which in turn allows more customers to click on it, thus, increasing sales and purchases.

One Click Unsubscription

The process of unsubscription should be easy and fast. In fact, in some countries, it is mandatory for all emails to contain an unsubscription link. This link should divert the user to the page where he can complete the process on the same page itself, without navigating through other irrelevant pages.

SignUp Confirmation

The confirmation process should be secure, where the users need to initially enter their email address in order to subscribe, after which, you are supposed to send them a confirmation email.
The email sent back should contain a special link to divert the user back to the email marketing program, for verification. This will also help in avoiding any kind of email scam.

Increase Response

According to research, people are more receptive to communication on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Hence, emails should be dispatched on these days, so that people read the content in it and click on the links, which will in turn increase sales.

Repeat Email Communication

Make effective use of an 'autoresponder', which is programmed to send emails after a certain interval of time to subscribers present in the mailing list. This will help in creating a bond with customers and clients. These auto responders send mails to customers providing them with information about companies, products, and services.


Consistency is the key in achieving success in email marketing. If you are into publication and advertising of mails or a printing firm, then make sure that you maintain consistency, irrespective of the monetary gains of each project.
Also, try to maintain a consistent look and feel, which will help in creating and strengthening the company's brand and image. You can even create a template of your newsletter, and use it whenever you want to mail one.


Every time you mail your customer, make sure that you mail on one particular day of the week and at a particular time. This tends to make customers more receptive to any special offers or promotions of your company. Also, they expect an email from you at that particular time.


The signature should be included at the bottom of the email, which is one of the ways to attract traffic to your website. This is also considered as email etiquette. The signature should include your name, company details, and an unsubscription link.
Incorporating these practices in your business according to the market requirement would be a subservient mode to help your business scale new heights.