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Engage Customers

There are tons of customers out there. Like the ocean, there's plenty of fish and you need the right tools to catch the right fish.
Caleb Leong Nov 15, 2019

Learn what makes them tick?

Everyone is unique. However, what gathers us together are common interests and hobbies. Having common interests overcomes all the mental reservations we may have of others. As time pass, you'll know their quirks like that of your best friend.

Think like them to reach out to them

Humans are creatures of habit. Go through their thought process to think like they do. Then you'll know how to reach to their needs. Once you understand their habit pattern or their psyche, it's far easier to evangelise to them and nurture them into adapting your new psyche.

Take Time

Time and patience is key to answering. As you need time to understand a person, similarly you expect to invest time with your target audience. They also need time to get to know your product/brand. It takes time to discover and test waters before you win them over to become avid supporters.
Spend more time to understand them better to reap the benefits later.

Confidence is Key

Have confidence in all the you promote. You got to believe in the value of your product/brand. If you're uncertain of it yourself, all the more people won't believe in what you sell. Take some time to internalise your own products before coming out to pitch to others. When you can sell with passion, people will catch your passion. Passion is infectious!