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Engage Your Customers: 5 Steps to An Effective Customer Journey

Caleb Leong Nov 15, 2019
There are tons of customers out there in this big ocean called the internet. Ever wondered how you can capture them and convert them into loyal customers? Here are 5 steps towards the journey of finding your loyal supporters.

The Situation Today

If you compare your emails today and dig out those from your mailbox 10 years ago, you’ll realize the stark contrast in the content and delivery. EDM marketing is no longer about newsletters or monthly reports. EDMs are far more dynamic and interactive.
Today, your mailbox content providers are essentially the brands that you use, you trust or are interested in. All these EDMs are not randomized contents but personalized. They capture your activity on their platforms and suggest to you products or promotions in line with your interests.
This is part and parcel of an effective customer journey in EDM marketing. From the warm welcome on your first email to the personalized promotional campaigns and eventually the confirmation of your purchase; every step is an intentional process that brings you through.

1. First Impressions Matter

seconds. That’s how long you have, to make an impactful first impression. The start of customer journey is similar to going for interview. People first judge your looks before looking at what you have to offer. With each subscription, how you’d start off with your customer affects their impression of the brand.
  • How will you start off your journey with your customers?
  • How can you educate them about your brand?
  • What can you offer to incentivize them and not unsubscribe immediately?
Your first EDM impression can pique their interest or turn your customers off.

2. Remind Costomers of Your Presence

Personas are a good way to keep the relationship alive. You probably would have accumulated tons of customer data and behavioral patterns by now. By creating different personas, you can speak to the different customer demographics in their language.
You can trigger customer journeys with dates. Reminder emails are great examples of keeping your relationship with your customers alive. You can purposefully schedule your campaigns with anniversary dates, birthdays, etc.

3. Celebrate Your Customers

After nurturing your audience through EDM marketing campaigns, you’ll find a group of loyal customers. It’s time to start your own VIP club. The VIPs can be avid supporters and advocates of your products. You can have entry criteria like spending more than a targeted amount within a designated period.
How can you engage and incentivise them further? You can reward them for their loyalty with advance access to sales events or VIP exclusive discounts while maintaining a clear call-to-action. Who doesn’t love to be showered with gifts and rewards?

4. Evangelise Your Previous Customers

Along the way, you may have lost some customers when they got distracted or disinterested. You got to treat every potential lead as an actual human. Each individual responds differently to different tactics. Find a way to woo them as if you’re chasing the girl you like. How can you move them or excite them to be interested in your brand again?
Harvard Business Review discovered that a 5% increase in customer retentioncan lead to a 25% to 95% increase in profits. Now, isn’t that a worthy investment?  Keeping the right kind of customers will increase your value once they buy into it.

5. Create Sustainable Customer Journey

You want your ideal customer journey to be lifelong. Once you’ve built brand loyalty, you retain customers for life. Every time a new iPhone model is released, people are willing to queue overnight at their flagship stores for it. How do you get customers to be that enthusiastic about your product? The key is always a relationship.
You want to look at EDM content for marketing from a relational perspective. Take every campaign to be a conversational piece with a friend.