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Facebook Advertising Tips

Showcasing sells, and what better than showcasing on Facebook? For all 'whats and hows', here are some Facebook advertising tips that'll foster people to 'become a fan' of your products!
Veethi Telang
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Do you see specific pop-ups sometimes flickering on the sides of your Facebook window? Did you know that a mere click of yours on any of those pop-up windows is, in a way, a source of money to a number of business owners and communities? Yeah! This is what the power of internet advertising is. Akin to the framework of pay per click advertising presented by GoogleAdsense, Facebook, being the biggest social-networking site on the web, feasts on putting forth to people endless opportunities, both on personal and professional basis. With more than 500 million users on Facebook, commercial companies all over the world, with the help of some potentially simple Facebook advertising tips and strategies, are displaying their products by making maximized use of internet marketing and advertising. They display home-page ads on the social network so that people click on it if they like it and think it is of use for them. Facebook's advertisements put forth a distinct way of business impressions where people can like, comment, or become a fan of  any product they associate with. Social-networking is a powerful medium of advertising brands and products as they are exposed to a phenomenally huge number of users all the time.
Facebook Advertising Benefits
A considerable segment of users on Facebook are young people who are enthusiastic, informed about current affairs, and able to create and develop relationships. Many business owners create a buzz for their products with the help of these aspects. While youngsters contribute to a large number of memberships on Facebook, a much larger segment of the Facebook fraternity belongs to experienced and aware users. It is because of these two segments that Facebook benefits from the lift that the platform of social-networking causes for the directed advertising. Note that it is not at all necessary for you to be fully adept at using a computer or creating complicated content in order to relish the advantages of advertising on Facebook because serviceability is one of the key factors that needs to be taken care of by the business professional. Facebook, because of its global popularity, is a target-rich platform for advertising. Also, it is less expensive, apt for local marketing, and is consistently growing its network.
Advertising on Facebook: Tips and Strategies
With more and more users signing up on Facebook everyday, the advertising ideas and ways are transforming accordingly. There are a number of ways and strategies with the help of which one can advertise a product on Facebook. Below are various tips and tricks for successful advertising on Facebook for both advertisers and users.
For Advertisers
If you are an advertiser, and want to use the fastest growing channel to place your ad, we have some technical yet simple advertising tips and techniques on Facebook that you need to ponder over:
  • To start with, for any advertiser, it is essential to know about how to structure your Facebook ads and pages. If you acquire the wrong approach, Facebook will reject your ad, no matter what. Since Facebook is very particular about its mass market, interests of its members top its priority list, while advertisers and marketers are of least priority. As a result, it is extremely important for you, being an advertiser, to offer what can be most approved by Facebook. In other words, ads likely to offend users in any way, are a strict no-no. In order to place a successful ad, the first tip is to prospect your product in a way that Facebook will approve of. For more comprehension, you can assess the strategies of other advertisers on Facebook.
  • Facebook ads cost on the basis of your bid for each click or cost per click (CPC), and bid for thousand impressions or cost per mille/cost per thousand (CPM/CPT). It is essential to put forth your targeting criteria which can easily be done before purchasing an ad. It is recommended you first start with CPC, and later on, switch to CPM as after a certain amount of time, your traffic will stay high even if you spend less.
  • Thirdly, you can use search marketers to campaign your ad because they are skillful in producing effective impact on Facebook users. They specifically use details of campaigns that are data-oriented, thus, devising new strategies for your ad to leave an impact on the users of Facebook.
  • Make sure you have an attractive and legitimate image for you ad, and an image holds significant importance for a user. The more appealing the image of your product is, the higher the chances are for the users to click on the ad.
  • Lastly, Facebook advertising would not make you successful with just one ad. It is essential to effectively choose your target market with different substance for each. Moreover, it is recommended to keep on creating ads on a daily basis. Astonishingly, many ads work out too, however, only for sometime. Hence, it is extremely important for you to have a bulk of ads for all types of audience, and effective proposals for the same.
For Users
Below are discussed some of the most common and lucrative tips and techniques which are generically used by successful business owners for advertising on Facebook. So, whether it is a website, a product, or a business entirely, these tips will help you do successful advertising on Facebook:
  • Creating a Fan Page: On Facebook, you can create a profile of your product under the category of business, which has its own way of interacting with its customers. You can ask your friends to 'become a fan' or 'like' your product and its features, which will be displayed on your profile too. It creates buzz in the News Feed, thus, giving opportunity for more people to see, 'like', and 'become a fan' of it. Once you know how to create a fan page on Facebook, attract a list of people including your friends, families, acquaintances, and send updates, news, offers, etc., on a common base. The most effective thing about a fan page on Facebook is, you don't have to individually tell about your product and its features as Facebook provides instant communication with a list of fans who showed interest in your product.
  • Using the Discussion Forum: They say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Similarly, the more you become friendly with the promotional features of Facebook, the more effective your business on Facebook will be. For that, you can use the Discussion forum of your fan page where you can start talking about things related to your products. This will encourage the fans to communicate and give their take about your product so that you know their perspective too. Share information about your product from different websites, asking for comments and feedback. Make sure you update news and information about your products from time to time. Don't go too fast, but don't go slow too.
  • Purchasing Targeted Advertisements: This is an intelligent way of advertising on Facebook. You can advertise your product by leveraging ads that target specific segments of the user base. With daily input of data and information by users, a repository of information is created which can be classified into various subsections. This information can be brought into use to create ads targeting users differing on age, location, sex, status, and buzzwords, thus, assuring business owners that their ads will reach up to the consumers who are most interested in their products.
  • Creating Ads in Volume: Only because you're getting a sound number of clicks per day doesn't make your advertising successful. It is essential for a business owner to fill his everyday budget by getting enough response and impression from its users. You could leverage your bid a bit more so that Facebook will give you more and more impressions daily, or you could create multiple ads for the same product on lower bids. This will increase the CTR or Click To Rate of your page, thereby, making it easy for the users to navigate to the same page via different sources.
While the above were some successful Facebook advertising techniques, below are some quick pointers that both the advertisers and users need to keep in mind while going for advertising on Facebook:
  • Any update on Facebook spreads like fire. Use the technique of word-of-mouth as much as you can.
  • Keep a track of other ads on Facebook, and analyze their strategies.
  • Make your ads functional 24 hours.
  • Think out of the box. Do not go on advertising commercially for every single person of the country.
  • Don't forget to put a nice picture for your ad. Showcasing sells, remember?
  • Hang on to your hat. Advertising may take some time to fetch you results. It won't fail to, though.
When it comes to advertising, there are 'n' number of potentially different ideas and approaches. After all, the advantages of advertising on the internet have broken all geographical limitations that conventional advertising approaches have set. However, the most important thing for your online advertising to be a success is knowing what users want as they'll click on your ad only if they like it. So, toss around all the advertising tips and tricks discussed above, and start grabbing attention of Facebook masses!