Famous Advertising Slogans

Here are some famous advertising slogans that are full of wit, creativity, and punch, which have become a part of our lives.
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Often witty, and of course crisp, concise, and direct, we are surrounded by advertising slogans that have become, as some would put it, an insidious part of our lives. From the endearing image created by 'His Master's Voice' of HMV (RCA Victor) to the succinct 'Just Do It' of Nike, these ad slogans are memorable phrases that don't merely bring to mind some impersonal corporate house doing hard business, but are meant to create warm, positive feelings and images. Often, they evolve into creating a distinctive life of their own, make the audience - you and me - feel good and want to own what the slogan/ad wants us to buy. Creativity, brevity, simplicity, and longevity - these are the catchwords that can define the famous TV slogans listed below.

Most Successful Advert Slogans
Sharp Minds, Sharp Products, a sharp advertisement or slogan by the company Sharp! Such simple, yet apt slogans define a company and make it an everlasting memory in the minds of the buyer. I am sure you will enjoy reminiscing about these jingles in your mind. More than the brands themselves, we tend to remember the slogans that they use. Some of these slogans are so cleverly thought out and effective, that just the moment you think of the brand, the first thing that comes to your mind is its catch line. Simplicity and wit are the most important elements that go into making a great slogan. At times these could even rhyme, or could be the lines of a song. Here's a look at some of the slogans which are extremely popular with the masses.

Famous Advertising SloganProduct or Company
Reach out and touch someoneAT&T
Please don't squeeze the CharminCharmin
Where do you want to go today?Microsoft
Life's GoodLG
Neighbor's envy, owner's prideOnida TV in India
Snap, Crackle, PopRice Krispies
The Real ThingCoca-Cola
Where's the beef?Wendy's
Be wise - AlkalizeAlka Seltzer
Sharp Minds, Sharp ProductsSharp
Finger lickin' goodKentucky Fried Chicken
Connecting peopleNokia
He Keeps Going and Going and ... Energizer Batteries
Do you... Yahoo!?Yahoo!
Wikipedia, the Free EncyclopediaWikipedia
Because you're worth itL'Oreal
Inspired LivingHaier
Let's Make Things BetterPhilips
Hello MotoMotorola
Makes quitting suck lessNicorette
It's everywhere you want to beVISA
Eat Mor Chikin! Chick-fil-A
Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's MaybellineMaybelline
We make money the old-fashioned way....We earn itSmith Barney
Be all that you can be. United States Army
Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't Peter Paul Almond Joy & Peter Paul Mounds
Everything is easier on a MacApple Computer
Welcome to the World Wide WowAOL (play on World Wide Web)
Nothing Runs Like A DeereDeere & Company
Live unb├ÂringIkea
The ultimate driving machineBMW
Live in your world, play in oursSony Playstation
When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnightFederal Express
Get N or get outNintendo 64
See what the future has in storeFuture Shop
Easy as DellDell Computer
Go further with ShellShell Oil
Once you pop, you can't stopPringles
Push Button PublishingBlogger.com
How do you spell relief?Rolaids
We Try HarderAvis Rental Cars
Is it live, or is it Memorex?Memorex
The World's Online Market PlaceeBay
Wherever you go, our network followsHutch Cellular India
Consider IT DoneSyntel
Nothin' says lovin' like something from the ovenPillsbury
No battery is stronger longerDuracell Batteries
High Performance, DeliveredAccenture
Intel InsideIntel
Making Tomorrow BetterONGC (Oil & Natural Gas Commission, India)
Let your fingers do the walkingYellow Pages

So, what do you think about these famous advertising slogans? Do they hit home, as they are meant to?... Overtly?... Even subtly?... Well, if you ask me... I'm loving it!