Famous Brand Slogans

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Famous Brand Slogans

In this article, we put forth a compilation of some famous brand slogans, which have played a significant role in giving rise to some of the most renowned brands in the world of business.

Advertisements which have a strong influence on the buyer have some things in common. One of them being the slogan associated with the product. The famous brand slogans that we have heard or read over the last few decades, stay with us because of two factors.

  • They are crisp and hence, easy to memorize/remember.
  • They are associated with famous brand names.

In fact, some of these slogans have become so famous, that they have made their way into our day-to-day vocabulary.

List of 50 Famous Brand Slogans

Every year several new products are introduced in the market with much fanfare, which explains why the marketing teams are always on their toes. After all, what better way to introduce a new product, but a catchy advertisement? And when we say a catchy advertisement, a catchy slogan or tag line has a crucial role to play. Here’s a list of famous advertising slogans which ensured that the advertisement (and the product) stayed with us long after we came across it for the first time.

Levi’s. Original jeans. Original people.
– Levi’s

Lee. The jeans that built America.
– Lee

– Nike

Live unboring
– Ikea

I Am What I Am.
– Reebok

Go further with Shell
– Shell

Impossible is Nothing.
– Adidas

Eye it – try it – buy it!
– Chevrolet

Wrangler. There’s a bit of the West in all of us.
– Wrangler

Between love and madness lies obsession.
– Calvin Klein

Think different
– Apple

Where’s the Beef?
– Wendy’s

The official uniform of New York.
– DKNY Jeans

Porsche, There is No Substitute.
– Porsche

Power, Beauty and Soul.
– Aston Martin

Inspiration Comes Standard.
– Chrysler

The Power of Dreams.
– Honda Cars

The ultimate driving machine.

When you say Budweiser, you’ve said it all.
– Budweiser

Ford. Designed for living. Engineered to last.
– Ford

Born to perform.
– Jaguar

I’m lovin’ it!
– McDonald’s

Is it in you?
– Gatorade

Like no Other.
– Sony

Keep Walking.
– Johnnie Walker

We never stop working for you.
– Verizon

Volkswagen. Drivers wanted.
– Volkswagen

The choice of a new generation.
– Pepsi

It’s the real thing.
– Coca Cola

Do you… Yahoo!?
– Yahoo!

You know when it’s Bacardi.
– Bacardi

One thing leads to another.
– Nescafe

Australian for beer.
– Foster’s

Connecting people.
– Nokia

Probably the best lager in the world.
– Carlsberg

The future’s bright – the future’s orange.
– Orange

How Many Bars Do You Have?
– AT&T Wireless

Reach out and touch someone.
– AT&T Wireless

Hello Moto.
– Motorola

Spirit of Service.
– Qwest

Good to the last drop.
– Maxwell House Coffee

The Happiest Place on Earth.
– Disneyland

Diamonds are forever.
– DeBeers

High Performance, Delivered.
– Accenture

Everything is easier on a Mac.
– Apple Computer

Don’t Leave Home Without It.
– American Express

1,000 songs in your pocket.
– Apple iPod

It’s Everywhere You Want To Be.
– Visa

Mercedes-Benz. The Future of the Automobile.
– Mercedes-Benz

The best tires in the world have Goodyear written all over them.
– Goodyear Tires

These were some slogans and taglines which helped the famous brands to scale the ladder of success in this competitive world. If you think, we missed out on some deserving slogan without which this list of slogans is incomplete, you can always share it with us.

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