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Few Tips for Audio Visuals in Conferences

AV Concepts Jul 11, 2019
While business meetings are important, there's no doubt that they take up a big portion of employees' working hours, thus affecting productivity. In that case, no technical problem should get in the way of conferences and meetings. To ensure that technical issues are avoided, here's an audio visual checklist for conferences.

Hall Dimention

Size of the ballroom is a key factor to consider. You must know how many people are attending and that you have the right venue selected for the conference. Ensure how big your event setup needs to be, whether you need a LED Video Wall or a projection setup and how much sound and lighting would be sufficient for the audience.

Brighter for the best

If your audience finds it difficult to view the presentation, you have lost the attention already. Good projectors play a key role in successful presentation of a conference. There is a wide range of projectors from 2500 to 15000 lumens and more. This depends on the number of attendees and venue size.

Know your technicals

Imagine you spent hours or even weeks to prepare your presentation, and on the day of your event, the presentation doesn’t play. There are times when we face delays when a laptop doesn’t connect to the projector. Make sure you check the presentation way before time and also that everything is in the right order.

Hire an audio visual company

At times, some hotels have their own Audio Video Equipments installed in the boardroom. It is better to hire an AV technician so you do not have the burden of handling your presentation. However if you are hosting an event of a larger magnitude it’s advisable to rent out your audio visual company.

AV Concepts has got you covered

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