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Five Ways to Market Your New Product

Stacy Tolkin Jun 24, 2019
There is nothing better than creating your very own product. You have been through the research stage. You have tested your product. You have found the perfect packaging and figured out your prices. Now it is time to market your product, and here's how you can start...
This story will take a look at a few of the ways that you can market your new product. From infiltrating online communities and utilising word of mouth to affiliate marketing and video advertisements, we'll show you how you can get your product off the ground!

Number 1: Utilising Fan Communities…

Find the People That Want Your Product…

There is nothing quite like an online community of people who enjoy using similar products to get your name out there. If you have crafted a cosmetics product then find Reddit groups focussed on beauty. If you are selling camera equipment then find a photography forum!

Integrate Into the Community…

It is always best to get to know the community that you are a part of, before bombarding them with advertisements. Get involved in discussions, show that you have value and then recommend your product!

A Few Things to Consider…

Here are some tips on bringing value to online communities (while also sneaking in some marketing):
  • Don't be biased
  • Be relevant
  • Don't use advertorial language
  • Answer questions

Number 2: Affiliate Marketing

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is where you get another person or company of high regard to advertise your product. This person/company may get paid for advertising or they may make a commission on the sales they make.

Affiliate Marketing Sites…

You can apply to be an affiliate partner for a website. Popular blogs are a good place to have your product recommended. You can also produce voucher codes and be marketed by high traffic discount code sites. This includes places like Discount Promo Codes.

Other Affiliate Partnerships…

Influencer marketing is another form of affiliate marketing and a great way to boost your online presence. Getting popular Instagrammers or YouTubers to rave about your product is a great way to increase sales.

Number 3: Don’t Underestimate Word of Mouth

Talking About Your Product…

In a digital age that bombards us with the digital marketing trends that we should be utilising left, right and centre, it can be difficult to remember the power of word of mouth! But this traditional method can be particularly useful!

Who to Talk to…

Everyone and anyone that will listen!
  • Talk to your friends
  • Tell your family all about it
  • Promote to your colleagues
  • Let people know on your social channels
The more people know of your awesome new product, the more likely they are to talk about it, to recommend it and to buy it!

Number 4: Getting Social

Social Media Is Your Friend…

Social media is no longer just a personal entity, it is a business-oriented one too. Set up social channels for your product and get it in front of the people who care!

Which Social Channels Should I Use?

Use the channel/s that relates to your product! if you are selling a health and beauty product then up your Instagram game. If you are selling a business-related software, then get yourself on LinkedIn.

Social Media Top Tips…

  • Post a few times a week
  • Use emojis
  • Use good copywriting
  • Be chatty and fun
  • Use images and video
  • Reply to comments
  • Host polls and competitions

Number 5: Up Your Video Game

Visual Marketing in a Visual Era…

If written content is the king, then video content is the queen. Videos are being disseminated at a higher rate than ever before, and as a marketer in the twenty-first century, you really do need to have a GREAT product video to get your goods out there...

Creating Your Video…

There are so many things to consider when making a product video but the most important thing is that it stands out among the others! Get creative, be emotive and start crafting something different!

Where to Share Your Video…

A few places to make your video known:
  • Your social channels
  • Your website
  • Video sharing platforms like YouTube
  • On guest blogging sites

Your Product, Your Marketing…

Keep Going…

Marketing a new product is fun but it takes a lot of dedication and persistence. So, utilise social media and word of mouth, dabble in affiliate marketing, get a stellar product video and, most importantly, just keep going!