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Flower Shop Name Ideas

Flower Shop Name Ideas

If you are thinking of opening a flower shop then you will require a good name for it. We will discuss some ideas for flower shop names in this article.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Starting a floral business is one of the most satisfying small business idea for a person who knows about flowers and floral business. If you are a florist yourself and are thinking of starting a flower shop, then you have no doubt done your research and planned everything to perfection. Once you have the location of the flower shop finalized along with all the logistics of setting up a business, you need to find a good name for the flower shop. Shakespeare said "What's in a name?", but in the case of a niche business idea like a flower shop, a good name is one of the most powerful marketing tools that will decide whether your business will thrive or not. You might think of naming the business anything that your friends or family might suggest, but careful consideration while naming the flower shop will ensure that your venture is successful.

Ideas for a Flower Shop's Name

Selecting the ideal name for your flower shop is as important as choosing a name for your baby. When you are venturing into a creative field like making floral arrangements, you need a name that embodies a creative spirit. The name of the flower shop is like the first impression that prospective customers will have about the kind of business you run. Before zeroing in on one name, try to come up with ideas that are fresh and catchy. No discerning customer would like to purchase flowers from a flower shop named A1 Flower Shop or Acme Flower Shop. Such kinds of name are flat, boring and are more suited for a laundry or repair shop business.

When you are trying to come up with flower shop names, think carefully about the emotion and feelings that you want the name to elicit from a customer. Do you want a name that invokes the ambiance and feelings of fresh meadows, pristine woods and tranquil seas or you want a more modern name that brings to mind an edgy and minimalistic floral arrangement. A name like Floral Fantasy, Floral Symphony or Floral Rhapsody sounds much more elegant and classy than Best Flower Shop or XYZ City Florist. While deciding on the name of your flower shop avoid adding unnecessary adjectives to the names like "excellent", "best", "wonderful", "good", "great", "special". Why add adjectives to make your business sound like one of the best, when you can easily do that with your service. Using such hackneyed adjectives will make the name of your flower shop sound just like any other flower shop in the city. You need names that convey creativity, sophistication and flair and not give the impression that you are just running a run of the mill flower shop. Given below are some ideas that has already been used for flower shop names:
  • Whimsical Flowers
  • Ferns and Blooms
  • Floral Paradise
  • Flower Patch
  • Garden of Eden
  • Fleur-di-lis
  • La Flor
  • Casablanca Flower Shop
  • Flower Valley Florist
  • Eufloria
  • Flower Artistry
  • Rose and Trellis
  • Just Flowers
  • Floral Rush
  • Bellissimo Flowers
The most important thing to remember while coming up with flower shop name is not to choose names that are too long or tough to pronounce. If you do like a certain word and think that it is too hard to pronounce, then look at a thesaurus to come up with a synonym that conveys the same idea and emotion. A dictionary or thesaurus can become your best friend for finding a name for your flower shop. You can also use the names of your favorite flowers together to come up with a unique name. Peonies and Lilies, Freesias and Orchids are two examples of using particular flower names for flower shop name. You might also like to know about how to start a florist shop.

Coming up with creative names for a flower shop might seem quite challenging. But it is one of the best ways to garner business for the shop. Flower shop name ideas like Royal Blooms, Aphrodite's Blooms, Tina's Flowers and Creative Petals sounds good. Sit with a few friends and family and have a brainstorming sessions to come up with some great names for your flower shop. Once you have a good name, you can think of some marketing strategies to attract customers.
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