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Creative Flyer Design Ideas

Tulika Nair Sep 29, 2018
Coming up with a good and cheap advertising technique can be difficult. Here, we give you some flyer design ideas to create flyers that work as one of the best ways to promote your products or services.
It can be very frustrating to hand out flyers that no one is interested in taking a second glance at. It is even more annoying when you see people just throwing away the flyers into the nearest trash can.
One of the best ways to tackle such indifference is to come up with creative and innovative flyer design ideas that will force people into reading your flyer and actually react to your tactic for advertising your organization. Here are some tips and ideas for flyer designing that will put you on the right track.

Design Ideas for Flyers

Some of the best flyer designs may not be those that are extremely colorful or in eye-catching designs but those that manage to combine attractiveness with effectiveness. There is no point of having very attractive flyers if they do not result in people showing an active interest in the product or business you are promoting.
A simplistic design with all the main points neatly formatted maybe at times as effective as a flyer that is imaginatively created. Most business flyer designs, though tend to be a little more tilted in the favor of the boring and mundane which is not synonymous with simple designs. Here are some effective tips to keep in mind while designing flyers.


One of the foremost things to do before you decide on one of the many ideas for flyer designs at your disposal is to conceptualize. You need to zero in on what image you want to build for your company. Your design ideas for the flyer will depend completely on your public image.
If a company that has always been considered to be a traditional firm suddenly starts handing out flyers with graffiti designs and kitsch coloring then it may experience some kind of rebound from its customers due to a discrepancy in the brand image and the flyer designs.
Another reason for the necessity of conceptualization is to decide how you want to design the flyer and how the visual image needs to be put forward. It is during this step that you need to identify what you want to advertise and how you will ensure that your selling points grab the attention of the reader.

Images and Design

The text on the flyer and the image that you use to supplement the text need to be chosen very carefully as these are the two features that will entice a prospective customer or client. Avoid cliches both in the text and the image. Do not clutter the flyer with text, too much information or too many images.
Your flyer should be designed in a manner that it appears to be succinct and attractive. Use space as a design element and not a design hurdle. Use colors that are not associated with flyers traditionally. Out-of-the-box thinking is one of the main ways to guarantee attention to your marketing technique.
Play around with colors and fonts. Use different fonts and colors for different textual brackets but try to avoid use of jarring colors that hurt the eye.
You could also use shaping of the text as a flyer design idea. This is a design idea for a business flyer that may work very well. You can shape the text in the form of an image that is synonymous with the business, like a land mower for a gardening firm or a landscaping company.
Most flyer templates available online are very generic and do not cater to individual businesses. This is the reason you should design your own flyers using different ideas for flyer designs.
Using images that are bigger than normal or colored differently is a good idea. Using shadows and hues to highlight areas of the flyer are other good ideas that you can use. Designing flyers is not a very simple task but there are many flyer ideas that you can use in order to pique the interest of a reader.
You can also design the flyer in different shapes like a record shaped flyer for a music shop. Or you could use a strategy similar to the guy who handed out his flyers crumpled so that people would open it up and read it.
Advertising flyers can work even if they are extremely traditionally formatted though a little edge to flyer design can work wonders. One of the ways to do so is to play around with the size of the flyer.
But the problem with this is that you need to pay extra attention to bleed margins and the expense of your flyer printing could increase if the size of the flyer is bigger than normal. Flyers need to be cost-efficient as you will be handing these out in bulk and may or may not receive adequate response.
While using different design ideas for flyers do not forget to include basic information in the flyer, like the address of the store or business or even a phone number that will allow a prospective client to contact you.
Have a bait that will force your audience to call you and act. A limited offer sale or discount coupons can be a great way to encourage customers to act. This is a good marketing idea that should be taken into consideration while choosing between different ideas.
Flyer design ideas if uncreative will work as well as handing out blank flyers. In a world that is this competitive, it is important to shock your audience to garner attention and increase sales.