Flyer Templates for Microsoft Word

A flyer is actually a promotional document that is used to advertise a product or a service. Here is some information on how to make flyer templates on Microsoft Word.
MarketingWit Staff
A flyer is a great marketing tool that can be used to increase your business exposure. You can also use the flyer to aid in the search for your lost item. There are editable flyers which allow you to edit and make changes to the main flyer to keep it updated. The good news is that you do not have to be a certified graphic designer to create flyers.
There are several user-friendly design programs and applications that can help you design these templates on your personal computer. You don't even need to buy these expensive graphic software to design a flyer. Several websites have some in-built graphic design programs that enable you to create a flyer on the site itself. Moreover, there are sites that have several ready-made flyer templates you can choose from.
How to Make a Flyer Template?
Flyers are useful and economical advertising tools. Microsoft Word contains a variety of tools that allow even novice users to create professional looking documents. Creating a flyer template using these tools can make your job easier. Let us see how to go about it.
» Step 1
To begin with, make a rough draft of the flyer on a sheet of paper, including all the necessary information of the product or event you are promoting. For example, if you are promoting a particular event, the description, location, date and time of the event should be included in the template. The main purpose of the template is to make the basic layout of the flyer, in which details can be added later on.
» Step 2
Once you have the rough draft ready, open a new document in MS Word. Go to the Page Layout tab and select Page Borders to enhance the look of your flyer. You could also add background color to the template. For doing so, you need to go to the page layout tab, select the background color you want, and fill the effect. To create a page border in MS Word 2007, you have to go to the Paragraph section of the Home Tab and then select Borders and Shading.
» Step 3
Think of a creative title for your project. Enter the title on the top of the new document, followed by other details of the event. You can apply attributes such as color, size, and style to the text. You could also use Wordart that adds style and color to the text. Add only those things which are not going to change often.
» Step 4
Images, clip art, or pictures related to the topic can be added by using the insert option. Go to the Insert tab and select either Picture or Clip Art from the Illustrations section. The image appears on your flyer.
» Step 5
Once done, save the project with an appropriate title heading. Preview it, make any alterations needed, and your flyer is ready.
Flyer templates can also be made using the Microsoft Publisher application. This application offers a variety of handy templates, and a design wizard that helps you customize. Just select from the available templates, edit the details, add pictures and clip arts, customize the look, and hit 'finish'. Whether you want a flyer for business announcements or to promote a product, this wizard makes your task simpler by offering specific layouts in various categories.