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50 Really Good Name Suggestions for Your Travel Agency Business

50 Good Name Suggestions for Your Travel Agency Business
Setting up a travel agency? We say, you're making people's dreams come true! The first thing you have to do is to find a great name to attract customers. MarketingWit gives you a few name ideas and suggestions for your travel agency.
Raksha Kulkarni
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
~ Register your business name with your state and see if the name is available.
~ Develop a website and check if the name domains are available.
~ If you like a name, Google it up and see what results you get, just to see there's nothing untoward associated with your chosen name.
The job of a travel agency is basically guiding people to their preferred destination along with other details. Internet has been a great boon, but has reduced the work of a travel agency (if they don't have a website). People can just search on the net and book tickets also. The businesses of travel agencies face stiff competition in order to really stand out and make an impact.

A suitable and catchy name can really help because it is going to be your first impression, technically. You can always use common words related to travel like travel, voyage, journey, etc., and make it into something very interesting. You can also name your business by your specialization like the place you expertise in (To Europe, With Love) or name that suits the purpose like Upper Crust Cruises (sophisticated people). Keep a name with a funny meaning, but something that will be catchy too. Another option can be the use of words that mean something related to travel in any foreign language. Also, lastly, keep it simple, something that will be easy to remember, because even today, word of mouth is still the best form of marketing. Here are a few suggestions for your travel agency business.
Travel Agency Name Ideas
Travelrouter, Fancy Flights, and Eastern Exposures are some interesting travel agency names.
~ Get-A-Way! ~ Great Getaways
~ Hitch-A-Hike! ~ Predestinations ~ Far Trek
~ To Europe, With Love ~ Get Lost!
~ Hoorayzone! ~ Take Off ~ Wanderlust
~ Fancy Flights ~ Travelrouter
~ Ticket To Ride ~ It's A-boat Time
~ Two by the Sea (couples)
~ Eastern Exposures ~ Traveling Pants
Honeymoon Fliers, Dreamcasters, and Hipster Tripstersare some good names for a travel agency.
~ Dreamy Destinations ~ Travel Fantasies
~ No Borders ~ Memory Makers
~ Honeymoon Fliers ~ Oceanic Ventures
~ On The Road ~ Quantum Leaps
~ Goin' My Way? ~ FlyMe ~ World Jumper
~ Time Travelers ~ Rest on Wheels
~ Dreamcasters ~ Travelicious
~ Traveler's Helper ~ Hipster Tripsters
Back to the Future and Global Connect are great name suggestions for a travel agency.
~ Itinerant Traveler ~ Voyage With Ease
~ Golden Years Adventures (retirees)
~ Back to the Future ~ Travelites
~ Reality Escapers ~ Voyagisms
~ Take-A-Break ~ Out in Dreams ~ Free Spirit
~ A Dream Come True ~ Make-A-Wish
~ Global Connect ~ Distant Destinations
~ Corners of Earth ~ Bon Voyage!
We hope you've got a perfect name for your travel agency business. And a last tip, avoid long names if possible, because people like it served crisp and sweet! We wish you great luck in your endeavor!