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How Often Should You Measure Your Marketing Strategy?

It's important to know which digital platforms are most effective for your business and how often you should measure your performance.
It’s often difficult to determine which marketing and branding strategy is best for your business model, and it’s important to know what trends members of your target audience respond to more than others. Let's see some of the popular digital marketing strategies that are effective across multiple platforms.

Content Marketing

Users use keywords to search for other content, it’s important to have relevant content available when developing your marketing plan. It can be integrated with a wide variety of other strategies, such as, videos, blogs, infographics, images and social media.You are doing a great disservice to your business if you don't have an overall marketing plan.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is another online marketing tactic that should not be ignored. It is a great way to increase your local marketing presence and be discoverable by mobile users in search of nearby businesses that offer products and services like yours.

CRM & Social Customer Care

CRM and social customer care is a strategy that increases usability through customer engagement. It allows businesses to interact with their customers online, determine their needs and wants while providing them with needed information in response to their online inquires. It’s also great way to build customer loyalty as well.

How Often Should You Assess Them?

After performing adequate research to determine which strategy is best for you, it’s important to develop ways to assess it. This helps you determine which digital marketing strategy is effective and which is not. When you become active online, there is a lot of activity to track. There are metrics that you can check on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Daily Activities

Some activities that you can check on a daily basis include the number of visits your website or other social media platforms receive, the number of qualified leads you are getting, as well as whether or not the leads are from paid or organic searches, email marketing or other sources.

Weekly Activities

• Video analytics
• Link building
• Click through rates

Monthly Activity

On a monthly basis, you can check things such as search engine results, cost per lead and some click through rates.
When tracking your marketing strategies, those that do not yield your desired results over time should be modified to improve its performance. Developing, implementing and tracking your overall marketing and branding strategy shouldn’t be a strenuous process. Learn more at marketingepic.com.